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Although it s not mandatory, I do feel every SQL Server database solution should have a default database diagram built into it so that any developer new or experienced can instantly see how the database being inspected fits together. A default database diagram should include every table and every relationship that is held for that database. Unlike other diagrams that may take a more sectionalized view of things, the default database diagram should be all-encompassing. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that you keep this diagram up to date. You will notice this statement repeated a few times in this chapter. Don t use the default diagram as the source of development for your database solution. The default diagram includes all the tables, which means that if you re using the database diagram tool for development, you are potentially logically locking out all other users from touching any other table as part of their development, in case their changes are lost. Only update the diagram with tables and relationships once they have been inserted in the database. We ll look at this in more detail later when we discuss the dangers of using the database diagram tool as a source of development. Now that you know what diagrams are and what the tool is, it s time to create the first diagram for this database.
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Figure 11-11. GNOME Calculator
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One of the most impressive capabilities of the MMAPI is its ability to handle streaming protocols. Streams allow the device to play the media while it is downloading, without requiring you to acquire the entire file first. Not every manufacturer supports this, but RIM handsets do, starting with device software version 4.3. Streaming is a fairly complex process the player needs to judge how much content to buffer, decide when to start playing, and react properly when the network connection speeds up, slows down, or drops out. Fortunately, these details are hidden from you, and you can simply pass the proper URL and let the Player work its magic.
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Your finished function will look like this:
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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theme_links() theme_submenu() theme_xml_icon()
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helyx:~ hunterbj$ codesign -dvvvv /Applications/Camino.app /Applications/Camino.app: code object is not signed
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Note The Northwind database is a sample database that can be downloaded from Microsoft s site.
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Figure 6 17. Setting the Message Type 9. Build and deploy your BizTalk solution. Your orchestration should resemble Figure 6 18.
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Figure 5-1. Visual Studio IntelliSense for DTDs
8. A comment box should pop up on the Ubuntu computer, notifying you of a pairing
Figure 17-14. The more link on the page
Two permissions for the TinyMCE module are defined: Access TinyMCE and Administer TinyMCE. Any user role that should be able to use the editor needs the Access TinyMCE permission.
class SomethingClass { delegate String DoSomethingDelegate(int myValue); public static String DoSomething(int myValue) { return "HEY:" + myValue.ToString(); } static void Main(string[] args) { DoSomethingDelegate del = new DoSomethingDelegate(DoSomething); IAsyncResult ar = del.BeginInvoke(42,null,null); // ... do something different here String res = del.EndInvoke(ar); Console.WriteLine("Got result: '{0}'",res); // wait for return to close Console.ReadLine(); } } } As expected, the application outputs HEY:42 as you can see in Figure 3-17.
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CustomInfo: Reserved for future use; defaults to null LoginCompletedCallback: Name of function to call upon successful completion FailedCallback: Name of function to call upon failed completion UserContext: String containing user info to pass to the callback functions
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