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Using Advanced Post Editing Options
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Figure 6-11. Creating a NetRestore Workflow
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With an application instance, entity/ID type, and application identifier value, retrieves a common identifier. If a cross-reference does not exist, a blank will be returned. If the application instance or entity/ID type does not exist, an exception will be thrown. With a common identifier, application instance, and entity/ID type, retrieves the application identifier value. If a cross-reference does not exist, a blank will be returned. If the application instance or entity/ID type does not exist, an exception will be thrown. With an application instance, entity/ID type, application identifier value, and optionally a common identifier, create a relationship in the crossreferencing tables. If a common identifier is not passed to the method, one will be created and returned. If the application instance or entity/ID type does not exist, an exception will be thrown.
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2. Next we add a CHECK constraint on the AmountToCollect column. The CustomerDetails. CustomerProducts table is once again altered, and a new constraint added called CK_CustProds_AmtCheck. This constraint will ensure that for all records inserted into the CustomerDetails.CustomerProducts table from this point on, the score must be greater than 0. Notice as well that the NOCHECK option is mentioned, detailing that any records already inserted will not be checked for this constraint. If they have invalid data, which they don t, then the constraint would ignore them and still be added. ALTER TABLE CustomerDetails.CustomerProducts WITH NOCHECK ADD CONSTRAINT CK_CustProds_AmtCheck CHECK ((AmountToCollect > 0)) GO 3. Moving on to the third constraint to add to the CustomerDetails.CustomerProducts table, we have a DEFAULT value constraint. In other words, this will insert a value of 0 to the Renewable column if no value is entered specifically into this column. This signifies that the premium collected is a one-off collection. ALTER TABLE CustomerDetails.CustomerProducts WITH NOCHECK ADD CONSTRAINT DF_CustProd_Renewable DEFAULT (0) FOR Renewable 4. Execute the three batches of work by pressing F5 or Ctrl+E, or clicking the execute button on the toolbar. You should then see the following result:
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A process is something that exists entirely behind the scenes. When the user runs a program, one or many processes might be started, but they re usually invisible unless the user specifically chooses to manipulate them. You might say that programs exist in the world of the user, but processes belong in the world of the system. Processes can be started not only by the user, but also by the system itself to undertake tasks such as system maintenance, or even to provide basic functionality, such as the GUI system. Many processes are started when the computer boots up, and then they sit in the background, waiting until they re needed (such as programs that send mail). Other processes are designed to work periodically to accomplish certain tasks, such as ensuring system files are up-to-date. You can see what processes are currently running on your computer by running the top program. Running top is simply a matter of typing the command at the shell prompt. As you can see in Figure 16-1, top provides very comprehensive information and can be a bit overwhelming at first sight. However, the main area of interest is the list of processes (which top refers to as tasks).
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Notice how the number of direct sync reads (435) in the 10032 statistics matches the number of direct read waits reported in the 10046 trace file. Moreover, the total number of reads (435 + 558) reported in the 10032 trace matches the number of reads reported in the v$tempstat file statistics (993). It s a pity that the number of direct writes in the 10032 trace (268) doesn t quite match the number of writes reported in v$tempstat (269), but the 9i trace was missing a line about async writes that appeared in the 8i and 10g traces, so perhaps the discrepancy is a simple accounting error somewhere in the async code. Going back to the 10046 trace, the last four lines from the trace show Oracle rereading blocks from the sort segment to merge them. The p2 value listed in these four lines is the starting block number in the file for the read, and shows that Oracle is jumping all over the place in the file; but there were 26 consecutive read waits at the start of the list, corresponding to the 26 lines saying Merging run at mmmm for nn blocks in the 10033 trace. The p3 value is the number of blocks read. After starting with two blocks for each read (the limit set by the sort_multiblock_read_count), all subsequent reads in the trace file were just one block each and they left gaps all over the place in the sort runs that had previously been written, which is probably the effect of having lots of read slots for output available for async read requests. Given the reports of asynchronous writes and reads in the 10032 trace, it is no surprise that we can t get the numbers to match up. In fact, we even find that the number of read waits in the 10046 trace shows quite clearly that sometimes we end up waiting for async reads, as well as sync reads.
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Each command in the history list is assigned a number. You can run any of the history commands by preceding their number with an exclamation mark (!), referred to as a bang, or sometimes a shriek. For example, you might type !923. On my test system, command number 923 in the BASH history is cd .., so this has the effect of switching me into the parent directory. Command numbering remains in place until you log out (close the GNOME Terminal window or end a virtual console session). After this, the numbering is reordered. There will still be 1000 commands, but the last command you entered before logging out will be at the end of the list, and the numbering will work back 1000 places until the first command in the history list.
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Now, you will add WCF service files to the project. Adding the WCF service files will consist of two parts: creating what is known as a Service Contract, which will appear in the form of an Interface file, and defining a class that will physically implement the methods defined within the Service Contract. 2. To create the Service Contract, right-click the project name, choose Add New Item, and then scroll almost all the way to the bottom and pick WCF Service. Name the service Registration Service, and then click OK. Add the following statement to the top of the IRegistrationService.cs file created:
Adding the Web Reference
The Three Selectivities
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