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ost applications require data in one form or another. Whether you are working in a Windows application environment or in a web application environment, there is usually the concept of a data store. A data store can be defined as any medium to which data is stored in order to be retrieved later for processing. Data stores are found in a wide variety of forms: files such as Microsoft Excel, XML documents, and even plain text files. More commonly, data is stored in a database management system such as SQL Server, Oracle, and even Microsoft Access. These are all great options for storing data depending on the requirements that you need to address and the type of data you need to store. One thing for sure is that all the options listed so far come at a price. With the exception of plain text files, all the options we have mentioned for data storage require you to purchase software. Access and Excel are components of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. SQL Server and Oracle are larger well-known database management systems. Although the text file format is a free option, it is less than desirable when you have to store any amount of data that needs to be accessed quickly, and it certainly is not very scalable. For example, you would not want to use text files to store data for sales order processing for an e-commerce website that processes dozens of orders per hour. This system would quickly grind to a halt because the file operations and data scanning would be far too intensive. SQL Server is a very powerful database engine, but it can be very costly and mostly is geared toward enterprise-type applications. Fortunately, Microsoft s SQL Server Express Edition is both free and very scalable. SQL Server Express is ideal for applications where the requirements or the number of end users is smaller. In other words, if your web application is expected to grow in size and have thousands or hundreds of thousands of end users, perhaps SQL Server Express would not be best suited for the situation. SQL Server integrates very nicely with Visual Studio 2005 and the Express versions. In this chapter we will take a tour of SQL Express as a stand-alone product; later in the book you will learn about integrating it with Visual Web Developer. By the end of this chapter you will have an understanding of the following topics: The underlying design of SQL Server Express What database objects are and how to create them What T-SQL is and how the basic T-SQL operations work How to work with tools provided with SQL Server Express How SQL Server Express integrates with Visual Web Developer
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Figure 5-14. The main partition is denoted by a forward slash (/) as the mount point.
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Providing Semantic, Standards-Compliant Content
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The default code produced for the project installer should look as follows: using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.ComponentModel; System.Configuration.Install;
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Instead of using New to create a command (and pass a query and a connection to its constructor), you used the connection s CreateCommand method. You then specified the command type was for a stored procedure call rather than a query. Finally, you set the command text to the stored procedure name. The rest of the code changed only trivially, to handle displaying the extra column. You used ExecuteReader() just as you would for a query, which makes sense, since the stored procedure simply executes a query and returns a result set.
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7. Click the Close button.
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A Brief History of Blogging
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For each Rule, the Reevaluation property can be set to either Always (the default value) or Never. Always doesn t actually mean always; it means to re-evaluate if a member in the condition is modified (as described previously). Never means the Rule is evaluated only once, even if a member has been changed. The Never option turns off chaining for that Rule. The RuleSet has a Chaining property, which also controls if/how chaining is applied. The default value is Full Chaining, which re-evaluates rules as defined previously. The Sequential option turns off chaining. It is equivalent to setting the Reevaluate property to Never for all rules. The Explicit Update Only option performs re-evaluation only when specifically directed to with the Update action.
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2. The next step is to con gure the SqlDataSource. To accomplish this, right-click on the SqlDataSource control, and choose the Con gure Data Source menu item (Figure 6-3).
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Figure 11-44 shows the results of running this code.
Adding a Header
The variable _geoCoordinateWatcher is an instance of the Windows Phone location class that you ll use to access and retrieve location data. Notice in the constructor we declared the PositionChanged event in order to receive the location service s GPS data. Also you will be starting the thread that will simulate the GPS data that is sent to the PositionChanged event delegate. GeoCoordinateWatcher _geoCoordinateWatcher; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); // initialize GeoCoordinateWatcher _geoCoordinateWatcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher(); // PositionChanged event will receive GPS data _geoCoordinateWatcher.PositionChanged += new EventHandler<GeoPositionChangedEventArgs<GeoCoordinate>> (_geoCoordinateWatcher_PositionChanged); // simulateGpsThread will start Reactive Extension // where EmulatePositionChangedEvents will be feeding // the data to PositionChanged event Thread simulateGpsThread = new Thread(SimulateGPS); simulateGpsThread.Start(); }
MSMQ Queue Name Formats
If the portlet API JAR is not in the task s classpath, the portlet XDoclet task will throw an error when the build is run. The API is necessary because XDoclet checks to see if the annotated class is an implementation of the javax.portlet.Portlet interface.
Generic Collections
Changing the Portlet Mode
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