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You ll use the btnSendNotification_Click event handler, with the help of the .NET HttpWebRequest class, to create a POST request, to the push notification URI that the Windows Phone 7 client has obtained. The beauty of communication with MPNS is that once this POST request is composed and sent off, MPNS will take care of the delivery of the notification from there. The critical piece of information is the URI to send the POST request to, since that URI is what uniquely identifies both a Windows Phone 7 device and an application to send push notifications to. Make the btnSendNotification_Click event handler look like the code here: private void btnSendNotification_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (txtURL.Text == string.Empty) { MessageBox.Show("Please enter a url"); return; } if (txtTitle.Text == string.Empty || txtText.Text == string.Empty) { MessageBox.Show("Please enter text and title to send"); return; } string url = txtURL.Text; HttpWebRequest sendNotificationRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);
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folder for old files, sweeping them away into a Stale Thoughts folder. In the end, the specific task doesn t really matter, it is only important that we recognize that all of this activity represents a branch of code; a full path of activity initiated by the evaluation of an initial if statement. That if statement represents a test----is this user my VIP If he is, the next step is a flurry of activity. Otherwise (else) skip the code and proceed as usual. NOTE: When coding or scripting in any language, the general rule of thumb when implementing branching statements is to organize your code so that the most commonly executed branch is in the first block. For basic string comparison, both if/else and case statements are pretty similar, though lengthy case statements tend to be easier to read than lengthy if/else statements. Here is the syntax to implement each in bash (Note: the USER variable is set automatically by the bash shell and expands to the username of the user running the script):
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You need to use the BizTalk FTP adapter to transfer files using SFTP.
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A fundamental programming abstraction, a stream provides a sequence of bits transmitted serially from one point to another. Streams are unidirectional. They go from point A to point B. So, for bi-directional data flow, you need two streams: input and output.
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// This field is not stored with the document; it is indexed, but it is // not tokenized prior to indexing. doc.add(new Field("uid", uid(f), false, true, false)); HTMLParser parser = new HTMLParser(f); // Add the tag-stripped contents as a Reader-valued Text field so it will // get tokenized and indexed. doc.add(Field.Text("contents", parser.getReader())); // Add the summary as an UnIndexed field, so that it is stored and // returned with hit documents for display. doc.add(Field.UnIndexed("summary", parser.getSummary())); // Add the title as a separate Text field, so that it can be searched // separately. doc.add(Field.Text("title", parser.getTitle())); // return the document return doc; } private HTMLDocument() { } } code qr
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Can we create a report if we don t know what the content is Obviously not it is the data that helps in deciding about the report pattern. The first step is to create a typed dataset with one or more data tables inside. Typically, the data table inside the dataset should use the same structure as the data source. However, the data table structure inside the dataset can have additional columns that are different than the data source. Such columns are manipulated and filled with data programmatically at run time before binding the report to the host. For example, a dataset can have the columns FirstName, LastName, and FullName, where FullName is an extra column that is filled in DataSet and not supplied by the data source.
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protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach(Control ctrl in Page.Controls) { ListBox1.Items.Add(ctrl.GetType().ToString() + ":" + ctrl.ID); } theHead.Title = "Dynamically Created Title!"; ListBox newListBox = new ListBox(); newListBox.Items.Add(new ListItem("Item on my Dynamic List")); Page.Form.Controls.Add(newListBox); }
Try It Out: Creating a View in a Query Editor pane
When that completes, back up the metadata by issuing the command:
A text box for the report title A text box for the company title A text box for the print date A text box for the page number Let s drag and drop four text boxes onto the design surface and arrange them according to the report s needs. Next, let s take care of setting properties of the report items as usual. Report item properties are changed by selecting the report item, right-clicking it, and selecting Properties or by accessing general properties toolbox. Select each text box, and specify the values according to Table 8-3. Table 8-3. Report Item Properties for Header
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