barcode control in c# Figure 18-17. Customers table added to TypedCustomer.xsd in vb

Encoding DataMatrix in vb Figure 18-17. Customers table added to TypedCustomer.xsd

Check Point
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Creating a User Interface
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{ // no one is waiting for this reply. ignore. } } } Another method is employed to map a POP3Msg object onto the objects that .NET Remoting needs: Stream and ITransportHeader. ProcessMessage() does this by taking all custom remoting headers starting with X-REMOTING- from the e-mail and putting them into a new ITransportHeader object. It then converts back the Base64-encoded payload into a byte array and creates a new MemoryStream that allows the remoting framework to read the byte array. It also returns the message ID as an out parameter. internal static void ProcessMessage(POP3Msg pop3msg, out ITransportHeaders headers, out Stream stream, out String ID) { // this method will split it into a TransportHeaders and // a Stream object and will return the "remoting ID" headers = new TransportHeaders();
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Listing 19-3. LinqToXml.vb Imports System Imports System.Linq Imports System.Xml.Linq
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Understanding the WSDL Document
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We ve got to the end of the first join order. Every time we get to the end of a join order, the optimizer checks the cost against the best cost so far, and if the latest cost is better, it gets reported and remembered. The first cost is, of course, the best so far because there has been no previous cost. The instances of TABLE# correspond to the table numbers listed in the first join order. The figures by CST, CDN, and BYTES are the figures that would appear in the plan table as the columns cost, cardinality, and bytes. You can see in the Join result at the end of the previous section that we have a fields called cdn (cardinality) and rcz (the record size) the BYTES figure that follows comes from the product of these two figures. Best so far: TABLE#: 0 Best so far: TABLE#: 1 Best so far: TABLE#: 2 Best so far: TABLE#: 3 *********************** CST: CST: CST: CST: 2517 2586 2587 2588 CDN: CDN: CDN: CDN: 68 1 1 1 BYTES: BYTES: BYTES: BYTES: 1836 54 77 96
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Tip Typing !-3 will cause BASH to move three paces back in the history file and run that command. In
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Open Open Pending Pending Closed Closed
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Step 5: Develop
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Calling an Expired Object s Method In the example shown in Listing 7-4, you see the result of calling an expired object s method. This happens because the server-side lifetime is set to one second, whereas the client uses a fivesecond delay between two calls to the CAO. Please note that, contrary to the previous example, I decided that I will only share two interfaces between client and server. I have used a so-called object factory approach in which the client contacts a SAO which will in turn create an instance of the requested object and hand back a reference to this explicitly created CAO. In addition, I ll use the RemotingHelper class, which I ve introduced in 4. I will use the following interfaces for this communication: interface IRemoteFactory { IRemoteObject CreateInstance(); } interface IRemoteObject { void DoSomething(); } The output is shown in Figure 7-4. Listing 7-4. Catching the Exception When Calling an Expired Object using System; using System.Runtime.Remoting; using System.Threading; using Server; namespace Client { class Client { static void Main(string[] args) { String filename = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile; RemotingConfiguration.Configure(filename); IRemoteFactory fact = (IRemoteFactory) RemotingHelper.CreateProxy(typeof(IRemoteFactory)); IRemoteObject cao = fact.CreateInstance(); try { Console.WriteLine("{0} CLIENT: Calling doSomething()", DateTime.Now);
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Adding a Web Method to Service.cs
Figure 1 14. Linking by structure or name
Troubleshooting Kerberised Services
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