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After making all these changes, you can run the example again in Flash Builder 4, and it should look and work exactly the same. Having shown this connection two questions arise: how many arguments can you send over and how complex can they be The answer to the first question is as many as you like. As for the second, primitive values (strings, numbers, etc.) all work, as do arrays. Variables of type Object can go across as JavaScript associative arrays. To demonstrate this, we will show one further refinement on the original example. This new code is as follows:
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8. This will display the Check Constraints dialog box, shown in Figure 8-10, where we will see the AmountToCollect column constraint displayed. We can add a further constraint by clicking the Add button. Do so now. 9. This will alter the Check Constraints dialog box to allow a new check constraint to be added, as you see in Figure 8-11. This check will ensure that the LastCollection date is greater than the value entered in another column. Here we want to ensure that the LastCollection date is equal to or after the LastCollected date. Recall that LastCollection defines when we last took the payment, and LastCollected defines when the last payment should be taken.
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BizTalk orchestrations also provide terrific support for interacting with services defined by interoperable contracts. With BizTalk 2010, an orchestration can directly consume Windows Communication Framework (WCF) services and ASMX .NET web services (WSDL), exposing the service operations within the graphical orchestration design environment. The BizTalk developer can also expose an orchestration as a service, which any service consumer can invoke without having to know that BizTalk technology implements the service.
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After you re finished dropping report items on the design surface and setting up properties, your report design surface should look something similar to the one shown in Figure 5-26.
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The Silverlight Development Environment
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The Access Control tab allows you to specify applications that can freely access the password when the keychain is unlocked. In this case, only Safari is provisioned access, as Safari automatically provisions its own access when it creates the password item. If Keychain Access were added to this list, then you would be able to view the objects password without authentication whenever the keychain is in an unlocked state (so that naturally is a bad idea). NOTE: Regardless of Access Control settings, no application or facility will be able to freely access a password from a keychain when it is in a locked state. The second user visible feature of the keychain system that we mentioned earlier is secure notes. Secure notes are similar to password items, but they are meant to store larger sets of data, as seen in Figure 9 5. As Figure 9 5 shows, the interface for secure notes is much more apt to storing larger blocks of information than a standard password item. In this example, the user is using a secure note to save building access codes. Placing this information inside of an encrypted secure note is a great idea, especially if this is on a laptop or mobile machine: the chance of such a machine getting stolen is significantly higher, but the impact is greatly reduced if data is encrypted. In such an event, you might be able to sleep a little better knowing that your front door access code isn t sitting in a text file just waiting to be found. As long as your keychain password is relatively secure, your data is also secure.
The changes to the preferences must be committed to the database or other storage with the store() method on the PortletPreferences object. The store() method validates the preferences using a PreferencesValidator object if one is defined in the deployment descriptor. We discuss preferences validation in the
The most obvious reason to use the WebBrowser control is to display web content within the page of a Windows Phone 7 application. For instance, you may be developing an application that shows Twitter feeds in a portion of the screen. The easiest way to do this would be to create a WebBrowser control in the application and navigate to a given Twitter page from within that control. Another reason to use the WebBrowser control may be to show HTML-formatted content that resides locally on Windows Phone 7. For example, if you decide to include help files with your application, the easiest way to create those files would be in the form of HTML web pages. Then, you can load those web pages in Windows Phone 7 and display them in the WebBrowser control. Finally, you can use WebBrowser content that Windows Phone 7 application generates on the fly. That means that you can compose an HTML page dynamically in code and, without first writing that web page out to disk, display it. This is certainly a handy feature that avoids the intermediate steps of first writing an HTML file to local storage and then reading it. This feature is important when the HTML
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