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6. Click the Database icon, then click Next >. The Choose Your Data Connection window appears, as in Figure 9-6.
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between the VB.NET program and the data source. One common database format for which no native data provider exists is the Microsoft Access database (.mdb file) format, also known as the Jet database engine format, so in this case you need to use the OLE DB (or the ODBC) data provider. We don t assume you have an Access database to connect to, so you ll use OLE DB with SSMSE, as you did in 9.
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Table 12-4. 12 Test Cases
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package { import com.adobe.cairngorm.commands.ICommand; import com.adobe.cairngorm.control.CairngormEvent; import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON; import; import; import com.elad.twitter.model.ModelLocator; import com.elad.twitter.vo.TweetsCollectionVO; import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName; import import import import import import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; mx.logging.ILogger; mx.logging.Log; mx.rpc.IResponder;;;
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// Did the computer's paddle make contact withthe ball if(CGRectIntersectsRect(ball.frame, compPaddle.frame)) {
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Packaging and Deployment Descriptors
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server parameter specifies the SQL Server instance to which you want to connect: server = .\sqlexpress;
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The Substitution control is related to caching data within a web page. It allows content within a web page that is being cached to remain dynamic, in that the control and its string values are never cached.
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Caution Although it is possible to use TOP n without any ORDER BY statement, it is usual to combine TOP with ORDER BY. When no order is specified, the rows returned are arbitrary, and if you want consistent results, then ordering will provide this. If you are not concerned about which rows are returned, then you can avoid using ORDER BY.
In this chapter we will also cover the impact of file system permissions on the security of an operating system itself. Permissions problems not only can lead to exposed or vulnerable data, but they can also lead to the complete compromise of your system.
Sub Main() ' Create connection conn = New SqlConnection( _ "data source = .\sqlexpress;" _ & "integrated security = true;" _ & "database = tempdb" _ ) ' Create command cmd = New SqlCommand( _ "select " _
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