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Providing a Solution with Portals
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Note If you use a Macintosh then don t feel left out! In the next chapter we include a sidebar explaining
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Using Secure Shell
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get { return this._helloOutput; } set { this._helloOutput = value; } } /// <summary> /// This is the method that will automatically be called /// by MSBuild to execute your task. /// </summary> /// <returns>true if task succeeded false otherwise</returns> public override bool Execute() { this.HelloOutput = "HelloTask: " + this.TheAssembly; return true; } } You should note a few things about this class file. The inputs and outputs are defined as properties, and both have get() and set() methods. Also, for outputs you should place the Output attribute on the property, and for required properties you should use the Required attribute. As mentioned, the Execute() method is the method that will automatically be called by MSBuild when it is time to execute your task. For properties that are Required, those are promised to be set before Execute() is invoked. Your task can perform whatever steps you require, but the only way it can interact with other tasks in your MSBuild file(s) will be through your properties. Now that you have defined how this task will be performed, it is time to finish the integration. Following these three steps will conclude creating the task: 1. Build the assembly that contains the task. 2. Place the assembly in a known and accessible location. 3. Declare the task in your project file and the location of the assembly that contains it. Build the assembly as you normally do through Visual Studio. You can also use MSBuild now that you know how. After this, a .dll file is created that you can place in a new TaskAssemblies folder in the same directory as your project. In a large build scenario, you may have a specific location, or the GAC, in which all task assemblies are automatically placed upon build. So, now you need to add the following statement to the project file: <UsingTask TaskName="HelloTask" AssemblyFile="C:\MSBuild\MSBuild1\MSBuild1\TaskAssemblies\SampleTasks1.dll" /> This statement can appear anywhere in the project file. The AssemblyFile attribute of UsingTask specifies where the assembly is located, and TaskName specifies which task is declared inside that assembly. A Condition attribute exists, as it does for every MSBuild element. The last element that can be present is the AssemblyName attribute. The AssemblyName specifies the name foto qr proje
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Implementing a JAX-RPC Server
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Figure 9-25. Narrowing down the search pattern
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Figure 3-7. Using the dynamically created title
The next step after creating a new user is of course validating his or her credentials and giving access to the content. The membership class is easily able to perform this task with the Membership.ValidateUser method. This will work in conjunction with our authentication method, Forms authentication, so that when users validate their credentials successfully, they will be redirected to the requested page to view the main content. After successfully logging in, the Membership.GetUser method is available to retrieve the MembershipUser instance that gives the ability to access information and properties about the user who is currently logged in. We will start off things again by going back to the Login.aspx Web Form and entering the credentials for the user you just created in the last section. When the web page is built and run, enter the following username and password: Username: Password: password*123 Click the Login command button, and you will be presented with the Default.aspx page, which is the main content and home page of your application (Figure 11-10).
Single Sign-On and Flexibility
Demonstration of the impact of a silly default value instead of a null Demonstration of the effect of discrete values on a between clause Demonstration of error in sysdate-related cardinality Character column like 'XXX%' Selectivity for function(colx) Demonstration of effects of dependent columns used in a predicate Simple example of transitive closure Transitive closure having an odd side effect autotrace output Transitive closer with > autotrace output Uses constraints to generate useful predicates A surprise from constraint-based predicates Demonstrates that even table-level constraints between columns can help Demonstration of the effect of discrete values on greater than/less than Repeats discrete_01.sql, using a histogram to fix the problem Repeats discrete_02.sql, using a histogram to fix the problem. Creates a function to return the numeric value equivalent to an input varchar2() As trans_close_02.sql using dbms_xplan As trans_close_03.sql using dbms_xplan Sets the standardized test environment for SQL*Plus
notify its host about various events such as loading a page or clicking a hyperlink. The RCW generated by the runtime exposes these events in the form of delegates and takes care of handling all the details required to perform the communication between managed and unmanaged code. Although COM components can be accessed dynamically using .NET reflection, explicitly relying on the ability of the CLR to generate CCW and RCW, it s desirable to use a less verbose approach to COM interoperability. The .NET runtime ships with tools that allow you to generate RCW and CCW wrappers offline, which lets you use COM components as .NET classes and vice versa. These tools are as follows: tlbimp.exe: This is a tool for generating an RCW of a COM component given its type library. aximp.exe: This is similar to tlbimp.exe and supports the generation of ActiveX components3 that have graphical interfaces (and that need to be integrated with Windows Forms). tlbexp.exe: This generates a COM type library describing a .NET assembly. The CLR is loaded as a COM component and generates the appropriate CCW to make .NET types accessible as COM components. regasm.exe: This is similar to tlbexp.exe. It also performs the registration of the assembly as a COM component.
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Figure 9 6. The Summary page of the Export MSI Wizard
Recoverable interchange processing Trailer schema
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