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Coding the Application
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output window to view all the messages that are generated by the BlackBerry. These include messages from the running application, as well as more inscrutable messages from the BlackBerry operating system. So, what gets written to the BlackBerry logger Anything that you send to System.out or System.err. It can be a good idea to include plenty of logging information as your write your app, particularly for areas that you suspect might fail at some point. Tip: Stack trace information also gets printed to the log. However, most exceptions will not produce a useful stack trace. If you want to see the full trace information in the log, you must catch the Throwable instead of an Exception subclass. Don t blame me, I didn t create this system.
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As you can see, there are now three situations in which the MediaGrabber may be launched. The standard case is when the user selects it directly, which you can recognize by the "launch" parameter. The second case is when it is launched via CHAPI, in which case a CHAPI Invocation will be waiting when you start up. Here, the application starts, but does so in the already-configured SendingScreen if provided with a file to send. Finally, it can be started on device boot, in which case you simply register for CHAPI, set the rollover icon, and then exit. You need only register for CHAPI if you don t already have a CHAPI entry. Note that you do register for incoming CHAPI messages. This allows the application to deal with requests if it is already running when a new request comes in. This would occur if, for example, the user backgrounded this app and then issued a request from another app. Some basic synchronization is used to make sure that the Invocation doesn t change while you are reading values from it.
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Figure 2-9. Compile time warning showing in Problems window Here s another example where you assume that the value of the first TextInput was already set. Also, this type of assignment generates all the code to create binding from the mxmlc compiler. You have to consider if it s worth it or if direct assignment (y="35") is a better choice.
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Authentication: Allows you to choose Digest or Kerberos authentication (or both). Host Name: By default, this value is dynamically generated based on the determined host name of the server; it can also be overridden.
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We also add the video component we set in this method to a placeholder we defined.
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
From here on, all the CCC-based rsync will forever be sandboxed, and it will prevent the remote exploit from succeeding.
Here s the last example:
class ServerStartup { static void Main(string[] args) { HttpChannel chnl = new HttpChannel(1234); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(chnl); RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType( typeof(CustomerManager), "CustomerManager.soap", WellKnownObjectMode.Singleton); // the server will keep running until keypress. Console.ReadLine(); } } Now take a closer look at the startup sequence of the server: HttpChannel chnl = new HttpChannel(1234); A new HTTP channel (System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http.HttpChannel) is created and configured to listen on port 1234. The default transfer format for HTTP is SOAP . ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(chnl); The channel is registered in the remoting system. This will allow incoming requests to be forwarded to the corresponding objects. RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType( typeof(CustomerManager), "CustomerManager.soap", WellKnownObjectMode.Singleton); The class CustomerManager is registered as a WellKnownServiceType, which allows the client to remotely call its methods. The URL will be CustomerManager.soap whereas this can be any string you like, the extension .soap or .rem should be used for consistency. This is absolutely necessary when hosting the components in IIS as it maps these two extensions to the .NET Remoting Framework (as shown in 4). The object s mode is set to Singleton to ensure that only one instance will exist at any given time. Console.ReadLine(); This last line is not directly a part of the startup sequence but just prevents the program from exiting while the server is running. You can now compile and start this server.
CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
involve curves.
Normalization is a technique for avoiding potential update anomalies, basically by minimizing redundant data in a logical database design. Normalized designs are in a sense better designs because they (ideally) keep each data item in only one place. Normalized database designs usually reduce update processing costs but can make query processing more complicated. These trade-offs must be carefully evaluated in terms of the required performance profile of a database. Often, a database design needs to be denormalized to adequately meet operational needs. Normalizing a logical database design involves a set of formal processes to separate the data into multiple, related tables. The result of each process is referred to as a normal form. Five normal forms have been identified in theory, but most of the time third normal form (3NF) is as far as you need to go in practice. To be in 3NF, a relation (the formal term for what SQL calls a table and the precise concept on which the mathematical theory of normalization rests) must already be in second normal form (2NF), and 2NF requires a relation to be in first normal form (1NF). Let s look briefly at what these normal forms mean. First Normal Form (1NF) In first normal form, all column values are scalar; in other words, they have a single value that can t be further decomposed in terms of the data model. For example, although individual characters of a string can be accessed through a procedure that decomposes the string, only the full string is accessible by name in SQL, so, as far as the data model is concerned, they aren t part of the model. Likewise, for a Managers table with a manager column and a column containing a list of employees in Employees table who work for a given manager, the manager and the list would be accessible by name, but the individual employees in the list wouldn t be. All relations and SQL tables are by definition in 1NF since the lowest level of accessibility (known as the table s granularity) is the column level, and column values are scalars in SQL. Second Normal Form (2NF) Second normal form requires that attributes (the formal term for SQL columns) that aren t parts of keys be functionally dependent on a key that uniquely identifies them. Functional dependence basically means that for a given key value, only one value exists in a table for a column or set of columns. For example, if a table contained employees and their titles, and more than one employee could have the same title (very likely), a key that uniquely identified employees wouldn t uniquely identify titles, so the titles wouldn t be functionally dependent on a key of the table. To put the table into 2NF,
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