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Even though the preferences are stored in String arrays, the portlet API defines a shortcut method to retrieve the first value for the preference as a String object. The way default values are handled is similar to the getValues() method discussed earlier. The default value for this method should be a String object, rather than an array of strings:
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On the bottom of each View Topic page, administrators and moderators will (under the default subSilver template) see icons such as those shown in Figure 10-12.
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Many times so far you have seen NULL values within a column of returned data. As a value, this is very useful, as you have seen. However, you may wish to test whether a column contains a NULL or not. If there were a value, you retain it, but if there is a NULL setting, you want to convert it to a value. This could be used to cover a NULL value in an aggregation, for example. The syntax is ISNULL(value_to_test,new_value) where the first option is the column or variable to test if there is a NULL value, and the second option will define what to do change the value to if there is a NULL value. This change will only occur in the results and will not change the underlying data that the value came from.
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Figure 3-1. Reading XML documents by using XmlTextReader
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Using the ls -l command option will tell you how large each file is in terms of bytes. Adding the -h option converts these file sizes to kilobytes, megabytes, and even gigabytes, depending on how large they are. In order to get an idea of which are the largest files and which are the smallest, you can add the -S command option. This will order the files in the list in terms of the largest and smallest files. The following will return a list of all the files in the current directory, in order of size (largest first), detailing the sizes in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes:
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They possess a dynamic user interface with rich controls (for example, DataGrids). Users generally have the ability to do sophisticated actions quickly (for example, dragging and dropping). The application is installed on desktops and thus uses desktop resources. For example, the application can use the printer, the hard drive, and so on. The application can also communicate with running applications on the machine or spawn new processes and threads. Recently, Microsoft decided to label Windows Forms applications as smart clients (see Figure 1-1).
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Download at
Coding DeleteNote Method
## Sent whenever a timesheet is updated <html> <body> <h3>Timesheet updated</h3> <p>User ${timesheet.consultant.accountName} has updated one of their timesheets.</p> <p>Image attached. Should be equivalent to the following image:</p> <p><img src="cid:inlineImage"/></p> </body> </html> The cid: prefix is a URI representing message content (CID stands for common image descriptor). The inlineImage following this is the identifier we will be using to associate the link with the correct inline content. Naturally, you must select a unique name to identify unique content items. The naming format follows the RFC 1738 URL address specification, but I would recommend that you constrain yourself to simple letters and numbers. Listing 8-14 shows the implementation of our DAO to send the timesheet update with both the HTML content and images.
I have picked scalar subqueries as my next topic because their implementation is tied so closely to the implementation of the filter operation described previously. It would be interesting to
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