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Of course, there could be a rationale for making this choice and this may be embedded in some part of the calculation that I haven t worked out yet. Bitmap indexes tend to be very small compared to the table they index; for example, my biggest index is less than 6,000 blocks on a table of more than 100,000 blocks. You may have enough memory to cache all your critical bitmap indexes. In those circumstances, it might make sense for the optimizer to trade a large number of logical I/Os on bitmap indexes against a small number of physical I/Os against the table. In my test case, the increase from 2,285 logical I/Os to 2,607 logical I/Os would have allowed Oracle to decrease the number of table block visits from 16 to 8. That extra 320 logical I/Os doesn t seem such a bad deal against a reduction in 8 physical I/Os. There was one other change in behavior that appeared from the big test case the reported cost of the query did not change much as I altered db_file_multiblock_read_count. Perhaps this is because the effect is very small once the data sets get large. Perhaps the error introduced by the (possible) bug in the handling of multiple indexes is so significant that the (possible) bug relating to db_file_multiblock_read_count is hidden. Perhaps it s because there is some special code for small data sets. In any case, it was nice to discover that for large data sets (which is where you tend to use bitmap indexes used, anyway), the calculations seem to be a little more stable than they are for smaller data sets.
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When considering an OLTP system, you must keep in mind that an update to the database could happen at any moment in time, and that update must be reflected within the database instantly. It is also crucial that the system performs many updates simultaneously, and that it does not corrupt any data when it does so. An OLAP system is designed with the premise that the data remains fairly static with infrequent updates. These updates could be every night, weekly, monthly, or any other time variant
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CurrencyFormatter class is used for formatting a number, plus adding the currency symbol. DateFormatter class is used for formatting the date and time in many different combinations. NumberFormatter class is used for formatting a numeric data. PhoneFormatter class is used for formatting a phone number. ZipCodeFormatter class is used for formatting United States and Canadian zip codes.
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The interface that all MSBuild loggers must implement. This is an abstract class that wraps up the ILogger interface. This class will handle the parameters and verbosity for you. This contains all the build events that can be raised. You will register your event handlers with this interface. Subclasses of BuildEventArgs are the means that a build message is passed to your handlers. You will interact with these objects to gain insight into the meaning of the event.
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To select values in a range or in a set, you can use the BETWEEN and IN operators (see Table 5-5). The negation of these two is NOT BETWEEN and NOT IN. Table 5-5. The BETWEEN and IN Operators
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When used with numeric values, the binary comparison operators =, <>, <, <=, >, >=, min, and max perform comparisons according to the natural ordering for each particular numeric type. You can also use these operators on other data types, such as to compare lists of integers, and you can customize their behavior for new types you define. 5 discusses generic comparison in detail, and 8 discusses customizing generic comparison. When used with floating-point values, these operators implement the IEEE semantics for NaN (Not a Number) values. For example, (NaN = NaN) is false, as are (NaN <= NaN) and (NaN < NaN).
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Do you remember the wizard asking you to save the connection string This is where the wizard saved the connection string, in the app.config file. Since we are going to write our own C# code to gather the data, you might as well ignore this file or delete it from the solution if you wish.
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Declaring the UI Resources
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ResponseStatusCode SubmissionHandle UseHandlerProxySettings
join by changing the operator and flipping the operands or a right join into a left with a similar change. So, only one of these operators is actually needed. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference, but a useful rule of thumb is to use either left or right, but not both in the same query. The query optimizer won t care, but humans find it much easier to follow a complex query if the joins always go in the same direction.
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