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Listing 16-3 shows a lexer that constructs a list of tokens that then is printed. It can recognize integers, floats, identifiers, and the symbols ^, *, -, and +. Any other character causes a runtime exception. Listing 16-3. SimpleTokensLex.fsl: Lexing Simple Tokens: Integers, Floats, and Identifiers { module SimpleTokensLex open System type token = | INT | FLOAT | ID | STRING | PLUS | | EOF of int of float of string of string MINUS | TIMES | HAT
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You can use option values for both data and control; they re often used to represent the success or failure of a computation. This can be useful when you re catching an exception, as shown in the following example (which uses the function http from 2): let fetch url = try Some (http url) with : System.Net.WebException -> None 4 describes exceptions in more detail what matters here is that if a network error occurs during the HTTP request, the exception is caught, and the result of the fetch function is the value None. Successful web page requests return a Some value. Option values can then be discriminated and decomposed using pattern matching, as shown here: > match (fetch "") with | Some text -> printfn "text = %s" text | None -> printfn "**** no web page found";; text = <HTML> ... </HTML> (note: the HTML is shown here if connected to the web) val it : unit = ()
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With XMLBuddy installed, you can now add elements and attributes as well as namespaces by rightclicking the document. To use XMLBuddy simple open the document with the XMLBuddy application. Once you right-click on elements you will see the options, as shown in Figure 10-13. Now that you have XMLBuddy in your toolkit, you are ready to explore some of the most popular namespaces.
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In this profile we apply a default deny policy, import our profile, import provisions from defined in shell.dependencies, and then provide access to our user home directories. But what about that last line:
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You can go out and buy lots of books on time management tips and tricks. And chances are if you read enough and try enough of them, then eventually you will find something that sticks for you. But how many of those time management books were written by DBAs Or even people that are part of IT fields in some way While some of their tips and tricks may work, most of them may not be practical for your work as a DBA. I have tried a lot of time management tricks over the course of my career. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that whatever tricks you are using today may not be effective tomorrow, and so you need to learn new ones. I once had what I thought was a wonderful habit of simply leaving whatever I was working on open so that when I came back to work the next day I could pick right up where I left off. That worked well for me until our company mandated that we reboot our desktops every night. It took me months to find a new habit that allowed for me to be as productive. The other thing I have learned is that the most basic of techniques are the ones that stick with you the longest and are typically the most effective. These would be things like developing a routine, finding some stress relief, composing a to-do list, and working in chunks. Over time you will probably find that one technique works well for a while, then you start doing something different, and then you find yourself back with your original technique. That s fine as long as you are doing something, it is perfectly fine to let the techniques come and go as your environment changes.
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Before you can undertake any image editing, you need to transfer the images to your PC. Depending on the source of the pictures, there are a variety of methods of doing this, but in nearly every case, the work of importing your photos is handled by F-Spot. But before we cover F-Spot, let s briefly recap the various methods of transferring images to your PC, some of which were outlined in 8.
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Figure A-6. An Eclipse project with the Spring Project Nature
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Replace modulename with the name of the module you discovered earlier. For example, on our test system, we typed the following (as shown in Figure 8-5):
Download at
Installing the Location Module
Figure 9-9. Overview of your new cluster
Figure 4-49. Setting a filter on table1
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