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TIP Running this code with some Kerberos servers, you may encounter the following error message:
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Keeping Things Familiar
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GNU Make
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- (void)dealloc { [self closeSession];
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All right, we re 75 percent finished with the project. The final 25 percent is writing the code and running it to make sure your report looks as pretty as shown in Figure 4-11. So, for the absolute beginner, the million dollar question will be, Where do I write the code For most of the reporting projects we ll do in this book, the place to write code is under the load event. However, there are projects that take user input and pass it on to a report; in such cases, we ll end up writing code behind some other event, for example, a button click event. Let s start by double-clicking Form1 inside the project. This should open Form1 in design mode. Right-click anywhere on Form1, and select View Code, as shown in Figure 4-34.
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CHAPTER 9: Apple Developer Programs
Defining the Window Form
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