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The ScriptManager has a Services collection of ServiceReference objects that are used for this task. Each service is defined using a ServiceReference like this:
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classes, no class or interface exists in the System.Data namespace that defines them. So, if you want to learn more about command builders, the best place to start is the description for the builder in which you re interested. The System.Data.DataSet class and the System.Data.IDataAdapter interface define the underlying components that command builders interact with, and their documentation provides the informal specification for the constraints on command builders.
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Then you should skip to the Options section and work out which options are relevant to your requirements. While you re there, you ll also need to figure out what the dev= command option requires. Although the command options contained in square brackets in the Synopsis section are, in theory, nonobligatory, the command might not work satisfactorily without some of them. For example, with cdrecord, we use the -speed command option, which sets the burn speed, and also the -v option, which provides verbose output (otherwise, the command runs silently and won t display any information on screen, including error messages!). Another handy tip in decoding man pages is understanding what standard input and standard output are. In very simple terms, standard input (stdin) is the method by which a command gets input the keyboard on most Linux setups. Standard output (stdout) is where the output of a command is sent, which is the screen on most Linux setups. (See 15 for more details about standard input and standard output.) Often, a man page will state that the output of a command will be sent to standard output. In other words, unless you specify otherwise, its output will appear on screen. Therefore, it s necessary to specify a file to which the data will be sent, either by redirecting the output (see 17), or by specifying a file using a command option. For example, the mkisofs command can be used to create ISO images from a collection of files for subsequent burning to CD. But unless the -o option is used to specify a filename, mkisofs s output will simply be sent to standard output it will appear on the screen. Finally, here s the best tip of all for using man pages: don t forget that man has its own man page. Simply type man man.
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var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); //Add event listeners to the loader //The Base64-encoded part of the string after the keyword Basic could be dynamically generated and appended to Basic before it is assigned to a URLRequestHeader instance var header1:URLRequestHeader = new URLRequestHeader("Authorization", "Basic MTIzNDU2Nzg5MDpIc1lYRm9aZkhBcXlMY0NSWWVIOHFR"); var header2:URLRequestHeader = new URLRequestHeader ("Content-Type", "application/xml;charset=UTF-8");
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public String getValue(String key, String def)
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Atomic scopes also implement a retry capability that is enabled through the use of the Retry flag. An atomic scope will retry if the Scope shape s Retry property is set to True and at least one of the following exceptions occurs:
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<aop:config> <aop:pointcut .../> ... <aop:aspect .../> ... </aop:config> Pointcut definitions can be shared between multiple aspects, or can be declared as an attribute of the aspect definition itself. Typically, a pointcut is defined by using a wildcard. In Listing 5-18 we are specifying method names beginning with list and having any return value in the com.apress.timesheets.service package, where the class name begins with TimesheetService and the method may take zero or more parameters (note the use of the double-period syntax to indicate this last requirement). The and args(account) part of the declaration names the first parameter. This name is then used by the aspect to identify which parameter of the service method should be mapped to the parameter of the aspect method.
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Prior to the installation of the Spring IDE, if you were to attempt to use autocompletion within one of the Spring bean definition files, you would be presented with the basic XML autocompletion options shown in Figure A-11. These are better than nothing, but are really of very limited help when creating these files.
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