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sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a <USERNAME> -t user sudo killall -HUP sshd
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Listing 8-2. The Timesheet Service Bean Configuration
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Changing the Programming Model
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Table 22-2. Configuration Options (Continued)
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change the bitrate settings, select Edit Export Settings. See Figure 14-2.
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select * from customers where country = 'Germany' order by companyname
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Scenario 1
The Workspace Switcher provides a way of organizing your programs and also reducing the clutter. You can experiment with virtual desktops to see if you want to organize your work this way. Some people swear by them. Experienced Ubuntu users may have in excess of ten virtual desktops, although clearly this will appeal only to organizational geniuses! Other users think multiple desktops are a waste of time. They re certainly worth trying out to see if they suit the way you work.
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