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Listing 2-1. A (Simple) Service Layer Method
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So far, you ve seen how you can perform LINQ-style queries using a set of aggregate operators that work on enumerable objects, and you see these same operators query and manipulate XML data in the coming section. Performing querying and manipulation on relational data is done almost the same way, except that these are implemented under the hood by calling LINQ. Assuming you ve mapped your employees database with SqlMetal and created the main database object as db, here is an example similar to those in earlier sections using FLinq syntax:
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In this chapter we discussed in detail two new security technologies in OS X. We discussed the implementation of application signing in Mac OS X both from technical and from implementation perspectives. We also discussed OS X s sandbox technology, which can be utilized to create a jailed environment around your application to limit its reach into the system. Both systems represent the future of security in OS X, as can be seen with their use (to the extreme) in the iPhone OS. Hopefully, as history progresses, Apple will find a happy medium between security and strict access measures. There s
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<url base="http://localhost" username="DummyRemotingUser" password="12345" /> </provider> The sink provider will receive those entries via the providerData collection, which contains objects of type SinkProviderData. Every instance of SinkProviderData has a reference to a properties dictionary that allows access to the attributes (base, username, and password) of the entry. When the base URL is set in the configuration file, it simply calls UrlAuthenticator. AddAuthenticationEntry(). If no base URL has been specified, it sets this username/password as the default authentication entry. You can see the complete source code for this provider in Listing 13-19. Listing 13-19. The UrlAuthenticationSinkProvider using System; using System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; using System.Collections; namespace UrlAuthenticationSink { public class UrlAuthenticationSinkProvider: IClientChannelSinkProvider { private IClientChannelSinkProvider _nextProvider; public UrlAuthenticationSinkProvider(IDictionary properties, ICollection providerData) { foreach (SinkProviderData obj in providerData) { if (obj.Name == "url") { if (obj.Properties["base"] != null) { UrlAuthenticator.AddAuthenticationEntry( (String) obj.Properties["base"], (String) obj.Properties["username"], (String) obj.Properties["password"]); } else { UrlAuthenticator.SetDefaultAuthenticationEntry( (String) obj.Properties["username"], (String) obj.Properties["password"]);
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Everything discussed up to this point should keep you busy until at least lunchtime on day one. OK, maybe it will take you a few days to get all of the information on your checklist. You may or may not have a lot of that information already available, so the amount of time it takes to gather everything will depend upon the current structure of your particular department in your shop. (By the way, get used to hearing and saying it depends ; more on that later.) No worries, because you can transition into the next phase while you continue to gather your data.
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discussed in depth later on in 8). As a seasoned veteran, you know that an e-mail offering you an MS Word update available on the site probably isn t a good thing to download and run, but your end user might not. Even after that, being the good Samaritan that your end user is, she might even offer it up to her coworkers. After all, it s a good idea to apply updates, right Well, the concept of application authentication can be used to mitigate the damage this threat. Without a proper digital signature, malware can never truly masquerade as another company s product. In this chapter we will discuss Apple s digital signing implementation. We ll delve into the nuts and bolts of the technology utilized by the system, its potential, and provide an overview of system facilities currently utilized in 10.6.
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Invocation install = new Invocation(""); Registry.getRegistry(getClass().getName()).invoke(install);
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the two settings (listed below) in this section of the dialog box. iNode Cache Size: In Unix, data structures called iNodes hold information about files. A file which always has an iNode is uniquely identified by the file system it s on and its iNode number on that system. To track the data that resides on it, Xsan (which is just a file system) uses iNodes. This setting specifies that maximum number of these data structures that a metadata controller can cache on a volume.
As you can see in Figure 10-7, the first name, last name, e-mail address, and card ID are required. If these fields aren t filled in, CardSpace will not allow you to send the card to the server (the Send button will be disabled). Clicking the Send button will then issue the card to the site. You can now click the Sign in now! button to send the credentials to the signed-in page. You can see this page in Figure 10-8. Note that this is just passing your identity credentials to the site. In most cases, the site will map these credentials to its account store, and based on a match there it will recognize you (or not).
internal static POP3Msg WaitAndGetResponseMessage(String ID) { // suspend the thread until the message returns _waitingFor[ID] = Thread.CurrentThread; Thread.CurrentThread.Suspend(); // waiting for resume POP3Msg pop3msg = (POP3Msg) _responses[ID]; _responses.Remove(ID); return pop3msg; } The previous method showed you the handling of synchronous .NET Remoting messages, but you might also want to support asynchronous delegates. In this case, a callback object is placed in _waitingFor and the method that handles incoming POP3 messages simply invokes the corresponding method on this callback object. internal static void RegisterAsyncResponseHandler(String ID, AsyncResponseHandler ar) { _waitingFor[ID] = ar; } One of the most important methods is MessageReceived(), which is called by POP3Polling as soon as an incoming message has been collected from the server. This method attempts to map all incoming e-mails to .NET Remoting calls. There are two quite different types in e-mails: requests that are sent from a client to a server and reply messages that are sent back from the server. The distinction between these is that a reply e-mail includes an In-Reply-To header, whereas the request message only contains a Message-Id header. If the incoming message is a request message, the MessageReceived() method checks the _servers Hashtable to retrieve the server-side sink chain for the destination e-mail address. It will then call HandleIncomingMessage() on this SMTPServerTransportSink object. For reply messages, on the other hand, the method checks whether any objects are waiting for an answer to the contained In-Reply-To header. If the waiting object is a thread, the POP3Msg object will be stored in the _responses Hashtable and the thread will be awakened. For asynchronous calls, the waiting object will be of type AsyncResponseHandler. In this case the framework will simply call its HandleAsyncResponsePop3Msg() method. Regardless of whether the reply has been received for a synchronous or an asynchronous message, POP3PollManager. ResponseReceived() will be called to decrement the count of unanswered messages and to eventually stop polling if all replies have been received. internal static void MessageReceived(POP3Msg pop3msg) { // whenever a pop3 message has been received, it // will be forwarded to this method // check if it's a request or a reply if ((pop3msg.InReplyTo == null) && (pop3msg.MessageId != null))
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You re ready to get started with your forums and categories. You ll be creating those in a short while, but right now is a good time to think about how you want your community organized.
The concept of state management at the page level applies not only to those times when an application is about to be tombstoned and the page needs to persist its state for possible future retrieval. Many times, individual pages within a Windows Phone 7 application must save their session data to allow navigation to other pages within that same application; and if the user comes back to the original page, it should be smart enough to retrieve data previously entered by the user. To accomplish session persistence for both tombstoning and page navigation scenarios, each page relies on the following three methods within the PhoneApplicationPage class: OnNavigatedFrom(), which is called when the page is no longer an active page in a frame OnNavigatedTo(), which is called when the page becomes the active page in a frame OnBackKeyPress(), which is called when the hardware Back key is pressed
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