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Managed Arrays
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Understanding Language Differences
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That s it, two lines, nice and simple. Once we have this code saved into a file and that file is made executable via chmod, we can then push the new file to the server and thereby override all access controls that have been put into place:
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Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the world. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft is the top concern of people contacting the agency, and has now passed drug trafficking as the number-one crime in the world, affecting up to 10 million victims a year, costing the United States 50 billion dollars a year on average. Much of this can be reduced by leveraging some very practical security with regards to our Internet browsers. One of the biggest battlegrounds in the fight against identity theft is your computer. We commonly use computers to communicate with the outside world using cell phones, web browsers, instant messaging software, and e-mail; all technologies that rely on the Internet. Identity thieves know this, and use the Internet as their tool for stealing identities through the acquisition of credit card numbers and online banking information, as well as gaining access to e-mail and social networking web sites to masquerade as someone else online. Therefore, securing our messaging systems has become a high priority to protect us from identity theft. For the purposes of this chapter, we will concentrate on the web browser and e-mail clients as common messaging and communications systems. As we explain each of the security features of these systems and what they do, you can apply the information to other browsers, chat programs, and mail programs that you may be using, and configure them for the same level of security. Although the actual terminology may change, the concepts remain constant across applications (and platforms, for that matter). When discussing how to secure your web browser, we will be covering Safari (Version 4) and Firefox (Version 3.6). There are other browsers out there, such as Opera and Google Chrome, but because these currently comprise a minority of browsers in use, we re going to concentrate on securing Safari or Firefox. Likewise, there are a variety of e-mail clients out there. The two most common mail applications for the Mac are Microsoft Entourage (version 2008) and Apple Mail (version 4.2), so we will discuss these throughout the chapter as well.
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Tracing at the Application Level
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String^ Genus; String^ Species; String^ Cultivar; String^ CommonName; SunEnum Sun; WaterEnum Water; int Zone;
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8. Select Address (Array) and click Finish. This sets the DataContext for the Grid (and thus all its child controls) to the set of addresses that are found in the XML file. 9. Next, add a TextBox, a Button, and a ListBox to the window. You are going to set up the data binding for the ListBox. Select it and look at its common properties. You will see that its DataContext property has already been initialized because the control is on the Grid that had its DataContext set, and the ListBox inherited this. You can of course override it and point to a different data source to get the context for this control, but for now, this is perfectly OK. 10. To bind the ListBox to the data source, you use the ItemsSource property. Click it and select Data Binding in the ensuing dialog. 11. The Create Data Binding dialog will appear. This time, you want to bind to the context that is already present, so select the Explicit Data Context tab and pick your data source from there. If you don t see all the fields, change the Show dropdown to All Properties (see Figure 8-22).
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CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
Custom .NET Remoting sinks can also be used as a workaround for certain glitches inside the framework. You can use them to change the way the .NET Remoting framework treats several exception conditions.2 As you ve read in 10, there is a misleading exception that might be triggered from time to time when you use the HttpChannel with the BinaryFormatter while hosting your server-side components in IIS. In some cases, IIS sends back detailed information for some errors in HTML format. It also uses the content-type text/html. The binary formatter, however, ignores this content-type header and interprets the data as a binary message and tries to deserialize it. This deserialization fails (as there is no binary message), and the client only receives an exception telling it that the deserialization failed. However, this final exception does not contain any additional information about the root cause of the problem.
So far in this book, you ve seen functions and objects that process their inputs immediately using a single thread of execution where the code runs to completion and produces useful results or state changes. In this chapter, you turn your attention to concurrent, parallel, asynchronous, and reactive programs. These represent substantially different approaches to programming from those you ve seen so far. Some of the reasons for turning to these techniques are as follows: To achieve better responsiveness in a graphical user interface (GUI) To report progress results during a long-running computation and to support cancellation of these computations To achieve greater throughput in a reactive application or service To achieve faster processing rates on a multiprocessor machine or cluster To take advantage of the I/O parallelism available in modern disk drives or network connections To sustain processing while network and disk I/O operations are in process
Figure 10-26. Google Merchant Center search results attached to a UI Component Create a new Flex application and call it GoogleBaseUI.
A Conversation Layout
Running the Application
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