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laptops don t have modems, likely not something you ll be using). It s an integer, 0 or 1.
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Figure 4-7. RunAllTests target being skipped
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Walking Through an Example RSS File
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dpkg is the only option if you want to install a package file you ve just downloaded. However, if you wish to utilize software repositories at the command line, you ll need to use the APT tools apt-get and apt-cache. These still use dpkg in the background to install and remove packages, but they also feature intelligence to handle dependency management.
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Extracting Files from a tar Archive
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Basic ADO.NET Classes
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tightly coupled and so it becomes so obvious that any change made either in the application or in the database will have a huge impact on the other end; tight coupling is always two-way, and altering one side will require changes to be in sync with the other side. If changes are not reflected properly, the application will not function in the desired manner, and the system will break down. Let s have look at tight coupling by considering the following code segment, which we used in 11 as part of Listing 11-3: 'create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection _ ("Data Source=.\sqlexpress;" & _ "Integrated Security=True;" & _ "database=northwind") 'create command (with both text and connection) Dim sql As String = "select firstname,lastname from employees" Dim cmd As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sql, conn) Console.WriteLine("Command created and connected.") Try 'Open connection conn.Open() 'execute query Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader Assume you have deployed the preceding code into production along with the database, which has the column names as specified in the select query. Later, the database administrator (DBA) decides to change the column names in all the tables to implement new database policies: he modifies the employees table and changes the firstname column to EmployeeFirstName and the lastname column to EmployeeLastName. After these database changes are made, the only way to prevent the application from breaking is by modifying all the code segments in source code that refers to the firstname and lastname columns, rebuild, retest, and deploy the whole application again. The modified code segment in the preceding code will appear as follows: 'create command Dim sql As String = "select EmployeeFirstName,EmployeeLastName from employees" Though on the surface it doesn t seem difficult to make such changes, if you factor in the possibility that there might be many database-related code segments that require modification of the column names according to the new column naming scheme, this can end up being a tedious approach to upgrade an application so that it can work with the modified database. With ADO.NET 3.5 EF s Entity Data Model, Microsoft has made entity-relationship modeling executable. Microsoft achieved this by a combination of XML schema files and ADO.NET 3.5 EF APIs. The schema files are used to define a conceptual layer to expose the data store s reading barcode sample code 128
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If your computer is a desktop PC without a battery, you ll see two options under the On AC Power tab: Put Computer to Sleep When Inactive For and Put Display to Sleep When Inactive For. By clicking and dragging the sliders for these options, you can control the amount of time before each feature kicks in. By dragging each to the far right, you can set a value of Never, which will deactivate that feature.
2. The code returns three result sets, as shown in Figure 8-29. Take a moment to peruse these result sets. The first set is just the top three records that are taken from an arbitrary order SQL Server has chosen. The second will only return two records, even though the ROWCOUNT is set to 3. The third result set takes into account the ROWCOUNT setting, as this is the lesser value this time. Therefore, again, only two records are returned.
It is also possible to enable a directory service group to possess local administrative access to workstations. This procedure is essentially identical to nesting ard_admin groups. However, instead of nesting your groups inside of ard_admin, you ll do it into the standard admin group. To set up administrative OD groups, you utilize similar syntax:
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