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As you have seen in the previous chapter s examples, there are two very different types of remote interaction between components. One uses serializable objects that are passed as a copy to the remote process. The second employs server-side (remote) objects that allow the client to call their methods.
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To create and consume WCF services, you essentially need to develop three pieces of software: One or more service types A host application that publishes the services exposed by the service types on a network A client application that consumes the services exposed by the service types All the core functionality of WCF is available in the System.ServiceModel.dll assembly. The System.ServiceModel namespaces contain many classes and attributes related to WCF. In all the projects that we discuss in this chapter, you must reference this assembly and import the System.ServiceModel namespace. In the next few sections, you will learn how to develop each of the three parts listed.
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Client-Server Networks
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Next you will make some adjustments to the workflow to call the LeadResponse application. You will also design another workflow for this application.
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This proxy file will look something like this:
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from orders o inner join employees e on o.employeeid = e.employeeid inner join customers c on o.customerid = c.customerid
Local values such as words and wordCount can t be accessed outside their scope. In the case of variables defined using let, the scope of the value is the entire expression that follows the definition, although not the definition itself. Here are two examples of invalid definitions that try to access variables outside their scope. As you can see, let definitions follow a sequential, top-down order, which helps ensure that programs are well-formed and free from many bugs related to uninitialized values: let badDefinition1 = let words = splitAtSpaces text ^^^^ let text = "We three kings" words.Length;; gives let words = splitAtSpaces text ------------------------------^^^^ stdin(19,31): error FS0039: The value or constructor 'text' is not defined and let badDefinition2 = badDefinition2+1;; gives let badDefinition2 = badDefinition2+1 ------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ stdin(21,19): error FS0039: The value or constructor 'badDefinition2' is not defined Within function definitions, you can outscope values by declaring another value of the same name. For example, the following function computes (n*n*n*n)+2: let powerOfFourPlusTwo n = let n = n * n let n = n * n let n = n + 2 n
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