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public class TimesheetStaticPointcutImpl extends StaticMethodMatcherPointcut { public boolean matches(final Method method, final Class type) { if( !TimesheetService.class.isAssignableFrom(type)) { return false; } if( method.getParameterTypes().length == 0 ) { return false; } if(!UserAccount.class.isAssignableFrom(method.getParameterTypes()[0])) { return false; } return true; } }
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protected void ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { string strTest = ListBox1.SelectedItem.Text; }
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Folder Name
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
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Leveraging Categories with Custom URLs
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In this chapter, you learned how catch and handle errors in an application and unexpected errors thrown by a Windows Phone. You also learned how to use Visual Studio s powerful debugging features to troubleshoot and fix defects, regardless of whether you re running an application in the emulator or on a real device. In 5, you will learn to package, publish, and manage a Windows Phone application for distribution through the Windows Phone Marketplace.
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Perhaps more importantly, Ubuntu is very user-friendly. Updating the system can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse, as can downloading and installing new software.
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When a call is placed on a remote object reference, the TransparentProxy creates a MessageData object and passes this to the RealProxy s PrivateInvoke() method. The RealProxy in turn generates a new Message object and calls InitFields(), passing the MessageData as a parameter. The Message object will now populate its properties by resolving the pointers inside the MessageData object. For synchronous calls, the RealProxy places a chain of calls on itself, including Invoke(), InternalInvoke(), and CallProcessMessage(). The last one will look up the contained Identity object s sink chain and call SyncProcessMessage() on the first IMessageSink. When the processing (including server-side handling) has completed, the call to this method will return an IMessage object containing the response message. The RealProxy will call its own HandleReturnMessage() method, which checks for out/ref parameters and will call PropagateOutParameters() on the Message object. You can see a part of this client-side process when using the default HTTP channel, shown in Figure 11-3. If the client were to use the TCP channel instead, the channel would consist of a BinaryClientFormatterSink and a TcpClientTransport sink.
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suspects, and do their best to solve the crime. Not only will they need to interview people but they will need to set up surveillance on their suspects and monitor their activities for a period of time. On television all of this happens in less than an hour. In real life, it takes a little bit longer. And some crimes never get solved. Now think about your life as a DBA. No matter what time of the day or night someone, somewhere, is going to have an issue with a database or a database server. When that happens, you are going to get called in to investigate. You will be expected to immediately analyze all available details and provide a recommended course of action. If your job was a television show, you would be given about an hour to solve the issue. In real life, people want an answer in less than a few minutes, especially if it is the middle of the night. And rarely are your issues allowed to go unsolved. In order to provide high level of support you will need to make certain you can do three things. First, you need to know where to look, which we will assume to mean an incident has taken place. Second, you need to know what questions to ask (and who to ask), which you can think of as an interview (or an interrogation). And third, either review your monitoring or put your monitoring in place, which is the same as surveillance. That is the DBA circle of life: something will happen, you will ask some questions, and you need to monitor some things going forward. read pdf417
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private void GetRequestStreamCallback(IAsyncResult asynchronousResult) { try { HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)asynchronousResult.AsyncState; string encoding = "iso-8859-1"; // End the operation
Estimating Supervisor
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