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Note BitTorrent is a unique file-sharing system designed to share bandwidth. Depending on your hardware setup, you might need to alter your router or firewall settings for it to work. For more information, see
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CHAPTER 14 BUILDING SMART WEB APPLICATIONS how to make qr code generator
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phpinfo() is a PHP function that Outputs lots of PHP information (
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Note Web etiquette suggests that you should not update your aggregator feeds any more frequently than
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This chapter provided an introduction to Linux. It explained what Linux can be used for and also its many advantages when compared to Microsoft Windows. It also introduced the community surrounding Linux, which adds to its benefits. You should be starting to realize what makes millions of people around the world use Linux as the operating system of choice. The next chapter covers the history of Linux. It also discusses another curious aspect: the political scene that drives the operating system forward.
Now that you have defined your properties, you need to define a few MSBuild items that will capture the files that make up the application. These items, along with the properties, will be used as input to the ClickOnce-related MSBuild tasks: <EntryPoint Include="$(BinFolder)$(EntryPointAssembly)"> <AssemblyType>Managed</AssemblyType> <DependencyType>Install</DependencyType> </EntryPoint>
These fields maintain information on where we ve been so far:
The focus of this chapter was ClickOnce, which is a technology that ships with the .NET Framework 2.0 and is used to autodeploy and update Windows Forms and console applications. ClickOnce supports three sources for where a ClickOnce application can be deployed. They include a Web server, a file server, and some form of removable media (such as a CD). ClickOnce is a major improvement over the previous approaches to deploying rich client applications. ClickOnce has a rich and configurable deploy, update, and security policy. Moreover, you can use the ClickOnce APIs to customize your deployment solutions. This chapter was a tour of ClickOnce. In the next chapter, we will go into great detail about the concepts discussed here. Furthermore, we ll identify what ClickOnce can t do and how to work around that.
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