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The big win in using dependency injection is that it allows you to make your applications loosely coupled. That is to say, any one class of your implementation will tend not to have any dependencies on any other class s specific implementation.
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Reflection: The component description available at runtime allows programs to deal with unknown components. This is especially important for programs featuring scripting environments, as witnessed by the widespread use of IDispatch and type libraries in COM.
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You ve read the iPhone programming books, downloaded the free iPhone software development kit (SDK) from Apple, compiled and executed the sample programs, and maybe even developed a few programs of your own. You may have upgraded to an iPhone developer so you can run your apps on a real iPhone in order to show your friends. Many of you might have developed an app for the iTunes/App store and are waiting to rake in the big bucks. Then you read the bad news, fifty thousand apps in the app store. A couple months later seventy-five thousand then, eighty-five thousand, one hundred thousand, and it keeps going up. Your unique little app that nobody could have possibly thought of has a couple dozen competitors. Great news for Apple, but what about you Your app is now down on the fourth or fifth page in the list the ones that nobody ever looks at. You re in the noise! How do you get out of the noise and make your app something unique, something that everyone wants to have
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We need to rename the textblocks used for captions in our application so that we can easily refer to them in code. Bring up MainPage.xaml and change textBlock1 to txtEventDateCaption, textBlock3 to txtEventTimeCaption, and textBlock4 to txtEventCostCaption. You should end up with XAML that matches the following markup:
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Validation controls, Toolbox, 32 ValidationSummary control, 92 Value property KeyValueConfigurationElement type, 224 VaryByParam directive implementing output caching, 318 Visual Web Developer (VWD) building web applications, 10 18 Dynamic Help, 28 environment options, 41 43 Database Tools node, 43 Projects and Solutions node, 42 Insert Table dialog, 12 installing, 2 6 End User License Agreement, 3 installation options, 4 introduction, 2 main menu, 21 server controls, 77 100 SQL Server Express integration, 76 connecting to database, 66 creating database objects, 69 76 Toolbox illustrated, 78 Visual Studio and VWD, 2
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Figure 5 32. Configuring a callable orchestration
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If you want to temporarily open a file type with a different program, right-click the file, select Open with Other Application, and choose the other program. From that point on, every time you right-click, you ll be offered the choice of that program to open the file. To make Nautilus automatically and permanently use the application to open the file type, right-click it and select Properties, and then click the Open With tab. Click the Add button to locate the application you wish to use if it s not in the list. Finally, ensure the radio button alongside the program you wish to use is highlighted (you may need to click twice for this to happen), as shown in Figure 12-7, and then click the Close button.
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You have deployed a BAM workbook and the associated BizTalk artifacts. You need to map the BizTalk artifacts to the deployed BAM workbook milestones, data items, and key performance indicators. Additionally, you need to save the mapped profile for deployment to other environments.
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sudo apt-get update
1. In Evolution, select File New Mail Message to compose a new e-mail message. 2. The Compose Message dialog box appears. Fill in the To field, Subject field, and the
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source you select after clicking Add, so that you can import only specific data. To learn more about this technique, browse the Help file (click Help Help) and search for Filtering Data in Databases.
CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
interrupt (void) isr_routine(void) { if (RBIF) { flag1 = TRUE; RBIF = 0; } If (TMR1IF) timer_flag = TRUE; } // end isr_routine
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