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Silverlight offers an Out of Browser and Full Trust option. Silverlight is the main development platform for Windows Phone 7. It s easy to deploy the Silverlight runtime to clients.
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Speaking Opportunities
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System.ServiceModel; System.ServiceModel.Activities; System.ServiceModel.Activities.Description; System.ServiceModel.Description; System.Activities; System.Xml.Linq; System.Configuration;
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Configuring at Run Time
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Figure 3-12. The new database within Object Explorer
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Getting Data About Data
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There may be times when you would like to play more than one audio file at once. Perhaps you are playing background music for a boxing game, and you also want to play an audio clip of someone landing a punch. How does this work Well, it depends on the device. MMAPI defines a system property called "supports.mixing". If this is true, the device must support playing at least two audio sources at the same time. If it is false, then only one can be played at a time. In this case the second attempt to play will either fail or interrupt the first player. Currently, most GSM devices support mixing up to two audio sources. Most CDMA devices do not support any mixing. For the best compatibility, you should check for the system property. What should you do if mixing is not supported Your options will generally be limited. If it s two pieces of music, you can try combining them into a single file for playback. If you want to combine music and effects, you will generally need to stop the first Player before starting the second, then restart the first once the second is done. Depending on the application this may sound annoying, and you might prefer to disable either music or effects entirely. This example demonstrates making a decision whether to start a second Player based on the capabilities of the device. All users will hear the song, but only mixing devices will play the claps.
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Note You ll need to return to Firestarter whenever you activate new services on your computer. For
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BlackBerry devices offer even more messaging options than most other mobile platforms. In addition to the ubiquitous wireless standard of SMS, and the slightly less ubiquitous standard of MMS, they offer a unique form of email integration in addition to a custom form of messaging available only between BlackBerry devices. This section provides a brief, high-altitude look at the available choices for wireless messaging.
DR Testing
Figure 9-17. Catching SoapException Finally, if you supply valid credentials and then click the Get Employees button, your form should resemble Figure 9-15.
To do any soldering you ll need you guessed it solder. Get a very thin, about 0.02 inch diameter, 63/37 solder. The numbers mean that the solder contains a mixture of 63% tin and 37% lead. This mixture is known as eutectic solder and has the lowest melting point to help minimize damage to sensitive components. If you want to do any major surface mount work such as soldering your own IC packages, then you ll want to get a solder paste. You ll also want some solder flux and tip cleaner. You apply flux to the board pads before placing your component. Heat the flux so that it melts and cleans off all the connections. This will help to make the solder flow much better when placing your components. Tip cleaner comes in small tins and is used to make the business end of your soldering iron distribute heat more uniformly. A lot of people forgo tip cleaner because it seems such a little thing. Take a look at Figure 12 4 and the difference between a cleaned and an uncleaned tip. Trying to use the tip on the left side is like trying to cook on a pan that someone burned dinner in and never cleaned it.
The service implementation will (we hope) make the corresponding call to the DAO to receive from it the account object specified in Listing 10-25, and return that. So, subsequent to this call, the actualAccount reference shown in Listing 10-26 should refer to the same object as the account reference passed into the andReturn() method of Listing 10-25. Finally, we validate the resulting state, as shown in Listing 10-27. We call an EasyMock method to verify that the expected methods were called on the mock object, and we use a normal JUnit assertion to verify that the service returns the correct account object instance.
ration window, and then click Print Test Page.
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