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Figure 5-10. Build location information
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So far in this book, the primary focus has been on using Visual Studio 2010 to create Silverlight applications. Visual Studio provides developers with a strong IDE for developing RIAs. However, you may want your Silverlight applications to contain some complicated design elements, and in these cases, it s not much fun to edit the XAML manually. To address this problem, Microsoft has created Expression Blend, a product built to edit XAML documents visually. Whereas Visual Studio has been designed to cater to the developer, Expression Blend has been built for the designer. As you ve seen, Silverlight does a fantastic job of separating the appearance and logic of an application, so developers and designers can work side by side. ASP.NET took a few strides to achieve this separation, but still fell short in many ways. I think you will find that Silverlight has reached a new layer in this separation, making it much more practical for designers and developers to truly work in parallel in designing applications. The first reaction most ASP.NET software developers will have when opening Expression Blend is shock. Wow, this looks like no Microsoft development product I have ever seen! And it is true that Expression Blend is quite different from the standard Visual Studio IDE type of product. The Microsoft developers have finally provided a product for the graphic designer audience, and they have attempted to make it very similar to the tools designers are accustomed to using. As software developers, we may need to play around a bit in Expression Blend to get the feel of it. Personally, I have found it quite cool to learn and use, and I think you will, too. This chapter will get you started with Expression Blend. You ll learn about its key features and its workspace. Finally, I ll walk you through creating a grid layout with Expression Blend.
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RIM did not invent MIDlet permissions, but rather it inherited them from the existing Java ME standard. As such, they behave a little strangely, and do not exactly fit the expectations of either Java ME or BlackBerry developers. Recognize that these permissions are just one piece of the security puzzle, and a tiny piece at that. Veteran Java ME developers who are new to BlackBerry are sometimes confused why a file connection operation would fail with a security exception when they had explicitly declared that their app requires the file connection API. As you have seen, this is because BlackBerry devices first and foremost look to the security policy settings, and after that to the user permissions, before allowing any sensitive API access. When you request MIDlet permissions, you are asking for permissions from the Java ME environment, but the lower-level BlackBerry environment still has the authority to deny your request. As such, MIDlet permissions are entirely superseded by application permissions: setting them has no effect, and, even if you do not set them, the operations will still be permitted so long as the proper application permissions are set. The bottom line: If you are making MIDlets and intend to run them on nonBlackBerry devices, include permissions. If not, don t bother.
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If you create a page called 404.html that you would like to use as your 404 error page, the command is as follows:
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You can also generate code using the .NET command-line tool wsdl.exe. The following example generates C# code for TerraService and WeatherForecast and compiles it explicitly: C:\fsharp> wsdl /namespace:WebReferences Microsoft (R) Web Services Description Language Utility Writing file 'C:\fsharp\WeatherForecast.cs'. C:\fsharp> csc /target:library /r:System.dll /r:System.Web.Services.dll /r:System.Xml.dll WeatherForecast.cs C:\fsharp> wsdl /namespace:WebReferences Microsoft (R) Web Services Description Language Utility Writing file 'C:\fsharp\TerraService.cs'. C:\fsharp> csc /target:library /r:System.dll /r:System.Web.Services.dll /r:System.Xml.dll TerraService.cs C:\fsharp> dir *.dll
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txtReportTitle Product List Reorder Point Report Purple 2.5in, 0.25in txtCompanyTitle AdventureWorks Inc. Blue Right 2.5in, 0.25in txtPrintDate ="Print Date: " & Today 2.5in, 0.25in txtPageNumber ="Page: " & Globals!PageNumber & "/" & Globals!TotalPages DarkBlue 3.75in, 0.25in lineFooter 2pt
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Here s what happens when you call this function: > runAttempt(sumIfBothSmall (999,999));; Hey, n1 was small! n2 was also small! val it : int option = Some 1998 > runAttempt(sumIfBothSmall (999,1003));; Hey, n1 was small! val it : int option = None Side effects in workflows must be used with care, particularly because workflows are typically used to construct delayed or on-demand computations. In the previous example, printing is a fairly benign side effect. More significant side effects such as mutable state can also be sensibly combined with some kinds of workflows, but be sure you understand how the side effect will interact with the particular kind of workflow you re using. For example, this example allocates a piece of mutable state that is local to the Attempt workflow, and this is used to accumulate the sum: let sumIfBothSmall (inp1,inp2) = attempt { let sum = ref 0 let! n1 = failIfBig inp1 sum := sum.Value + n1 let! n2 = failIfBig inp2 sum := sum.Value + n2 return sum.Value } We leave it as an exercise for you to examine the de-sugaring of this workflow to see that the mutable reference is indeed local, in the sense that it doesn t escape the overall computation, and that different executions of the same workflow use different reference cells. As mentioned, workflows are nearly always delayed computations. As you saw in 4, delayed computations and side effects can interact. For this reason, the de-sugaring of workflow syntax inserts a Delay operation around the entire workflow. The following let printThenSeven = attempt { printf "starting..." return 3 + 4 } de-sugars to attempt.Delay(fun () -> printf "starting..." attempt.Return(3+4)) This means that starting . . . is printed each time the printThenSeven attempt object is executed.
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3. Enter your screen name, password, and alias details, as required. 4. If you don t want to type your password each time you run Pidgin, check Remember
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CHAPTER 11: Firmware
Please open Visual Studio, and use the following steps, illustrated in Figure 15-2, to create an ASP.NET Web Site: 1. Click File New Web Site. 2. In the Templates pane, select ASP .NET Web Site. 3. In the Templates pane, select language Visual C#. 4. Please give the application a name; I ve called the project ProductDrilldown. You may choose a different location for storing the application files according to your preference. Also make sure to select .NET Framework 2.0. 5. Click the OK button to finish the process. After you click OK, Visual Studio will create a new ASP .NET Web Site. You ll notice that a new page with the name Default.aspx is added to the solution. Please see Figure 15-3 for generated code and a view of Solution Explorer.
Figure 1-1. VBE download confirmation
Tip You might have used wildcards within Windows and DOS. They can be used within Ubuntu, too. For
-Multicast Settings Figure 6-15. DeployStudio Assistant--
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