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Proxy configuration is available at all MCX levels. However, it is important to note that not all applications will utilize these settings. Firefox is by far the most notorious offender here. It has its own internal proxy configuration and ignores the global system setting. Indeed, Firefox generally snuffs Apple s defaults system and is immune to the reach of MCX. Likewise, command-line apps will often require either their own internal proxy configuration or will require the configuration of environmental variables for the purpose. The exact configuration will vary from application to application, but if needed environmental variables can be deployed via MCX as well. To configure the proxy auto config option, open Workgroup Manager and then click on Preferences. Click on the computer or computer list to manage, click on Network, and then the Proxies tab. Figure 7-11 represents the deployment of a .pac proxy configuration file located at You can also use the Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts and Domains field. In the previous example, you are also deploying an exception for internal domain.
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CHAPTER 3: EA Framework Design Patterns
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Configuring Tracking
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The SDLChannelSink is a very special kind of sink that really shows the power of the .NET Remoting framework s extensibility. Contrary to most other sinks, it does not forward any requests to the destination object, but instead generates the WSDL information needed for the creation of proxies. It does this whenever it encounters either of the strings WSDL or SDL at the end of an HTTP GET request. In this case, the WSDL will be generated by calling the ConvertTypesToSchemaToStream() method from System.Runtime.Remoting.MetadataServices. MetaData.
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You can include as few name parts as you like, although, if neither a given nor a family name is included, BlackBerry will apply a default of Empty and Contact respectively. It is safe to include unsupported name parts such as NAME_SUFFIX. These will be silently discarded. If you d prefer to check at runtime whether a name is supported, use the method isSupportedArrayElement().
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Figure 4-28. Your application including paging, sorting, and selection
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This book is for the intermediate-to-advanced programmer who wants a hands-on guide to .NET Remoting. Although this book is not an introduction to .NET, the CLR, or any .NET language, you nevertheless will be able to use the knowledge and insight you ll get from this book with any of these programming languages. All the samples printed in this book are written in Visual Basic .NET, but you can download each and every sample in both C# and Visual Basic .NET. If you are a use-it developer, Part 1 (s 1 through 10) of this book will serve you well by providing a general introduction to the possibilities of remoting and giving you in-depth information on how to use the capabilities that come with .NET Remoting out of the box. This part also includes guidance on security, best practices, and troubleshooting. If you are more of an understand-it-and-extend-it developer, Part 2 of this book is for you. s 11 through 15 were written for those who want to understand what s going on behind the scenes of .NET Remoting and how the framework can be customized using proxies, messages, channel sinks, and providers. It also demonstrates how a complete transport channel is implemented from scratch. At the end of the book, you ll find a collection of appendixes that provide a reference of the namespaces, classes, and interfaces that comprise the .NET Remoting framework.
Figure 5-2. Query results pane
When a routine encounters a problem, it may respond in several ways, such as by recovering internally, emitting a warning, returning a marker value or incomplete result, or throwing an exception. The following code indicates how an exception can be thrown by some of the code you ve been using:
Finally, log in as the user with managed preferences configured and you should see the dock displayed on the correct side of the screen, or whichever preference you decided to set if it wasn t the Dock locale. In an AD/OD dual directory environment, there are some notable limitations that you should be aware of. First and foremost, Mac OS X cannot directly utilize an Active Directory Computer Record for policy management. In a managed computer environment, OS X clients associate to a specific computer record via the built-in
public function pauseTrack():void { soundPosition.stop(); channel.stop(); isPause = true; pausePosition = channel.position; }
So, in general, commands are sent from the iPhone to the card reader accessory with data (card information) being sent in the reverse direction. Looking at this closely, you see that there are two different types of data streams. First, there is the transaction
CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
It is quite easy to find anomalies in the hash join calculations, and before making any comments about the differences between the various costing mechanisms, I d like to show you a couple of these anomalies so that you can appreciate the difficulty of micro-tuning the hash_area_size (or pga_aggregate_target, for that matter).
Figure 13 1. Enabling file sharing
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