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(AppSettingsSection)config.GetSection("appSettings"); string adr = app.Settings["Address"].Value; Console.WriteLine(app.Settings["Branch Name"].Value); // Create a service to handle incoming requests WorkflowService service = new WorkflowService { Name = "LibraryReservation", Body = new ProcessRequest(), Endpoints = { new Endpoint { ServiceContractName="ILibraryReservation", AddressUri = new Uri("http://localhost:" + adr + "/LibraryReservation"), Binding = new BasicHttpBinding(), } } }; // Create a WorkflowServiceHost that listens for incoming messages System.ServiceModel.Activities.WorkflowServiceHost wsh = new System.ServiceModel.Activities.WorkflowServiceHost(service); wsh.Open(); This code first opens the application configuration file and retrieves the Address setting, which specifies the port number that the application will listen on. It also gets the branch name, which is displayed in the console window. Because you ll have multiple applications running, this will help you keep track of which one is which.
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Figure 4 4. The iTrip app requests that you connect your iTrip
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You removed the WITH clause from the query in xml2tbl, so OPENXML produced an edge table. You changed the select list to display all the columns in the result set. Now that you know what columns are in an edge table, you might want to modify the query in xml2edge to play around with the edge table. If you rely heavily on OPENXML in your work, you might find edge tables quite valuable. If you don t, you might never see one again.
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Windows Media Player Windows Media Player Adobe Photoshop WinZip cmd.exe/command.exe Calc
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t the core of any software application, whether it is a Windows application or a web application, is the data, which is possibly the most vital element. The data is key because of the need for data-driven web applications with dynamic pages. It is the data itself that gives the pages their dynamic feature, in that what they display is the actual data in some type of format. When you design these types of web applications, it does not make much sense for you to have redundant code to extract or add data to the data store. The .NET Framework 2.0 provides a complete library to help you manipulate the data. This chapter discusses all the fundamental aspects of data access and ADO.NET and will give you a vital understanding of how data should flow in your web application. We cover the following topics: Data access architecture Data controls Data binding
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Namespaces are a methodology that you can use to group similar classes together to make for easier management. For example, if you are building a library of classes for common objects, such as car, boat, house, person, fruit, and dog, then it is a good idea to group these into different namespaces, for manageability and extensibility. For example, you could have a Vehicles namespace that car and boat live in. Then, if you were to create an airplane class, it would live in the same namespace. Also, consider the scenario where
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Some Other Concurrency Primitives
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Once you have bound your server to Active Directory, will want to enable the single sign on for all supported services by using the following command, which will create service principals for each respective shared service:
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