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Using Signature Types and Files
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In this section, we will develop a Windows application that acts as a client for the EmployeeServer. The application user interface is shown in Figure 11-2.
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Figure 2 1. Mac OS X s Activity Monitor
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In my example, I will configure the IpcChannel programmatically on the client side and using configuration files on the server side so that you can see both ways of working with the channel. Let s start with the shared assembly for the client and the server, which can be seen in Listing 4-6. Listing 4-6. The Shared Assembly Defining Interfaces using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; namespace RemotedType {
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Finally, when setting SMTP values on a dynamic port from within an orchestration, use a message assignment shape to set the properties to the variable values. For example, if you want to set the e-mail body text to a dynamic value, the message assignment would look like that shown in Figure 6 10.
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protected void btnGet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { QS.StockQuotes myQuote = new QS.StockQuotes(); QS.Quote[] res; res = myQuote.GetStockQuotes(txtTicker.Text); lblQuote.Text = res[0].StockQuote; }
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<phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar> </phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar> 3. It is now time to add the Application Bar XAML to the page. Inside the phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar element, add a shell:ApplicationBar element. Set the IsVisible and the IsMenuEnabled properties to True, and set the Opacity property to 1, as illustrated here.
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SELECT column1, column2, ..., columnN FROM table1 WHERE columnX IN
To demonstrate the use of the wizard-based interface, let s make use of Windows Forms here. Please open Visual Studio, and use the following steps, illustrated in Figure 3-5, to create a Windows application project: 1. Click File New Project, or press the hot keys Ctrl+Shift+N. 2. In the Project types pane of the New Project dialog box, select Visual C# Windows. 3. In the Templates pane, select Windows Application.
You can search for particular words or phrases in text files by loading the file into less or vim (see Table 15-1). The maneuverability offered by both programs lets you leap from point to point in the text, and their use is generally user-friendly. However, using vim or less can take precious seconds. There s a quicker commandline option that will search through a file in double-quick speed: grep.
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