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Data Binding Using Braces Overhead
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Figure B-3. Product catalog page in design mode The page consists of a GridView that lists all the products in a template field. The Add to Cart button is used to add that product to the shopping cart. It also contains an Object Data Source control. Listing B-10 shows the complete markup of Default.aspx. Listing B-10. Markup of Default.aspx <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="_Default" %> CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs"
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You can use the Performance Monitor Management Console Snap-In (see Figure 5 7) to customize the amount of information that is being logged and to provide you with extremely detailed information about nearly every aspect of how your system is running.
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Figure 6-10. Stepping through the Publish Wizard in Visual Studio 2005
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Fortunately, the .NET Framework provides all the necessary infrastructure to achieve this communication. Figure 11-1 shows a remote object being consumed by a client application. The client application is loaded in its own app domain. Similarly, the server object is loaded in its own app domain. Before the remote object (often called a server) can be consumed, it must be activated on the server. Activation is a process by which the remote object is published and made available on a network, and the remoting infrastructure must be present at both ends of the .NET Framework. When the client wishes to call any method of the remote object, it does so via a proxy. The proxy marshals the method call to the remote server. The remote object then executes it and marshals the return value back. Again, the proxy acts as a middleman and conveys the results back to the client application. The data marshalled from one application to the other is transferred over a communication channel. Typically this channel will be TCP or HTTP.
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Delete module from kernel Add and create (or view) entries in routing table (see ifconfig) Display current run level Program that runs pseudo shell that is kept alive regardless of current user login -ls: Display list of currently running screen sessions -R: Reattach to already running screen session or start new one if none available
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Fault-Tolerant Scenarios
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Try It Out: Getting Information About a Result Set with a Data Reader
As your community gets larger and more active, it will inevitably slow down. This is a fact of any forum system you will come across. phpBB, like most other forum software, permits you to reduce the size of your community via a process known as pruning, where posts with no activity after a certain cutoff date are removed from the system.
Prior to running the expansion, we recommend you follow a few procedures. First, ensure that all new LUNs consist of RAID sets that are consistent with the designated affinity tag s current LUNs. TIP: You can determine your volume s ideal LUN count by consulting its respective auxdata.plist file, found at /Library/Filesystems. Next, verify recent backups of the volume by performing a test restore. Now stop the volume, and perform a repair on it using the command:
CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
Figure 13-2. Balance not updated 7. To reiterate, the INSERT statement is correct and would normally work. However, as the trigger has a bug, the transaction did not insert the data and was rolled back. You can see this by inspecting the TransactionDetails.Transactions table with the following code and the results shown in Figure 13-3. SELECT * FROM TransactionDetails.Transactions WHERE CustomerId=1
app is paused, and it always destroys itself in a straightforward manner. As you can see, very little boilerplate code is needed to get this running.
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