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C++/CLI recognizes the finally contextual keyword, which is a feature of other languages that support exception handling such as Java and C#. The finally keyword precedes a block of code known as a finally block. Finally blocks appear after catch blocks and execute whether or not an exception is caught. Use a finally block (see Listing 10-4) to put any cleanup code that you don t want to duplicate in both the try block and the catch blocks. The syntax is like that in other languages. Listing 10-4. Using a Finally Block try { // ... } catch( Exception^ ) { } finally { Console::WriteLine("finally block!"); } In the case of multiple finally blocks, they are executed from the inside out as demonstrated in Listing 10-5. Listing 10-5. Using Multiple Finally Blocks // multiple_finally_blocks.cpp using namespace System;
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Methods are functions that you can call on an object, and that don t necessarily need a return parameter. For example, if you want to start the ignition on your car, you would do it using a method like this:
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Dynamic casts are used when converting a type from a base class pointer into a derived class pointer. A runtime check will be performed at the time of the conversion. If the conversion
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Understanding the Data Model
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Screen Orientations
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Fundamental Types: Strings, Arrays, and Enums
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Just as an indication of how hard it is to keep track of what s going on with subqueries, and what special effects might, or might not, work, I ve produced a little table of the parameters, Table 9-1, relating to subquery transformation. (I may have missed a few sometimes the names and descriptions don t give much of a clue to purpose.)
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public IDynamicMessageSink GetDynamicSink() { return new MyDynamicSink(); } } public class MyDynamicSink: IDynamicMessageSink { public void ProcessMessageStart(IMessage reqMsg, bool bCliSide, bool bAsync) { Console.WriteLine("--> MyDynamicSink: ProcessMessageStart"); } public void ProcessMessageFinish(IMessage replyMsg, bool bCliSide, bool bAsync) { Console.WriteLine("--> MyDynamicSink: ProcessMessageFinish"); } } To register an IDynamicProperty with the current context, you can use the following code: Context ctx = Context.DefaultContext; IDynamicProperty prp = new MyDynamicSinkProvider(); Context.RegisterDynamicProperty(prp, null, ctx);
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As mentioned in the chapter introduction, Linux (and therefore Ubuntu) are not currently affected by viruses. Nobody knows the true number of viruses affecting Linux, but it is almost certainly less than 50, and that s the total since Linux was created back in the early 1990s! At the time of this writing, there are no Linux viruses in the wild, which is to say, actually infecting computers. However, there can be no room for complacency. It s very likely virus writers will turn their attention to Linux in the coming years as it becomes a popular desktop solution. This section describes how to use ClamTk, which is a graphical front end for the Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) program ( ClamAV is an open-source, industrialstrength antivirus scanner designed to work on all kinds of computers and operating systems. It detects Windows and even Macintosh viruses, as well as Linux and Unix viruses. This has obvious benefits if you share files with Windows users you can inform your friends and colleagues if any files they give you are infected (and bask in the warm feeling that arises when you realize the viruses can t affect your system!). ClamAV s only drawback is that it is limited to virus scanning. It isn t able to disinfect files, like the more sophisticated virus scanners available for Windows. However, it should be noted that disinfection rarely works very well, as discussed in the ClamAV FAQ (
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CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
Using the Roles field, you can determine which roles a particular user is allowed to play on your site. Each role is attached to different permissions, which govern what content can be viewed or created, as well as what actions a user can take. User roles and the Roles field are covered in the following section on access control.
CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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