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Improving Your Use of Connection Objects
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8. Click Next > and you re prompted to save the connection string, as in Figure 9-8. report barcode 2of5 tostring
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Figure 3-10. Columns exported as attributes The root element is <table> again, which will contain one or more <row> elements. Each <row> element will have one or more attributes representing the column values. The attribute name will be the same as the column name. All XML documents need to have the XML processing instruction at the top. To include this processing instruction, we call the WriteStartDocument() method. Then the code writes a comment specifying the date and time at which the file is exported. The WriteComment() method accepts the comment string and writes it into the document. The root element <table> is then written to the document by using the WriteStartElement() method, which accepts the name of the element to be written and writes it to the file. Note that you need not specify the < and > characters while specifying the element name. Thus, when you pass table as the parameter to the WriteStartElement() method, it writes <table> into the file. The code now starts iterating through the available records. The Read() method of the SqlDataReader class advances the record pointer to the next row and reads values from that row. It returns true if the record can be read successfully; otherwise, it returns false.
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protected void newListBox_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { ListBox theBox = (ListBox)sender; String strTest = theBox.SelectedItem.Text; }
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where month_no = 13 where month_no = 15 where month_no in (13,15) where month_no in (16,18) -- outside low/high -- outside low/high -- two values outside low/high -- different 2 values outside low/high
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Yes No To derived classes No To derived classes No
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Send the canonical order message to an external application for processing. Receive a status message from the external application indicating the success or failure of the message processing.
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Display current directory Reboot computer Change a process s priority while it s running (see nice) Delete single or multiple files and/or directories -r: Recursive; delete specified directories and any subdirectories -f: Force; don t prompt for confirmation before deleting (use with care!)
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In the Receive Location Properties dialog box that opens, use the following settings: a. b. c. Set Transport Type to HTTP. This will automatically set the receive handler to BizTalkServerIsolatedHost. Set Receive Pipeline to Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive. Set Send Pipeline to Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLTransmit.
Server-Side Report with Windows Forms 750, 530 Fill
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