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The full code listing for adding the Application Bar using managed C# code appears here. The full MainPage() constructor listing is included for readability purposes. Listing 7 2. C# Code to Implement an Application Bar public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); SupportedOrientations = SupportedPageOrientation.Portrait | SupportedPageOrientation.Landscape; ApplicationBar = new ApplicationBar(); ApplicationBar.IsVisible = true; ApplicationBar.IsMenuEnabled = true; ApplicationBarIconButton btnAdd = new ApplicationBarIconButton(new Uri("/Images/", UriKind.Relative)); btnAdd.Text = "add"; ApplicationBarIconButton btnSave = new ApplicationBarIconButton(new
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realizing that you are automatically going to be using cpu_costing (of the noworkload variety), you will have a second round of testing when you start to gather system statistics and switch to normal cpu_costing. The slightly less important question (in this case) is Why Why do the costs change for noworkload statistics Remember that I pointed out that Oracle does not store the synthesized statistics it re-creates them for every query (or perhaps every session). Let s work through the 4-block read as an example: MBRC = 4 sreadtim = 10 + 2 = 12 milliseconds mreadtim = 10 + 4 * 2 = 18 milliseconds We have the standard formula and for the purposes of getting approximately the right answer, we ll just pick the bit about multiblock reads: Cost = ( #SRds + #MRds * mreadtim / sreadtim + #CPUCycles / (cpuspeed * sreadtim) ) cost = (1000/4) * 18/12 = 2,500 * 1.5 = 3,750 -- zero in this case -- ignore this for the moment
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Report Item
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You can also lock the phone from the web site and display a custom message to instruct people who may have found your phone on how to get in touch with you. code 128 calculate checksum
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What You Need to Use This Book
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The image server fronts the AdventureWorks database. If you don t have it already installed on your machine, look back to 4 for a walk-through. The image server will be a simple web form application that takes in a parameter, queries the database for the image with the corresponding ID, and writes the image back to the response when it finds one. Unfortunately, AdventureWorks doesn t have a contiguous set of images, so you ll get a lot of broken links in your application. For example, there is an image corresponding to
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The exact same classes can be used for decryption as for encryption. Typically, all you need to do is substitute false for true in your cipher s init() method. The overall process is the same: after initialization, you feed the ciphertext bytes into the cipher, finalize if necessary, and then use the output decoded bytes. The following example continues the previous one, taking the encrypted cipherBytes and restoring them to their original state. Note that we can reuse the existing crypto classes here.
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Building the Main Page and Adding Components
Classroom training is any type of training that involves you or your colleagues having to go to a training center offsite and away from your office. In most cases this is going to cost some money, but there are also a lot of free events that are available. And by free, I mean that you often have to sit through some sales pitches. Pros: You ll receive very focused training on a particular subject area being taught by a professional trainer. Accompanying training materials are typically of high quality. You ll be encouraged to learn through the use of hands-on lab sessions (i.e., you get to learn by doing). Cons: It can be cost prohibitive. It s difficult to judge the quality of the material until you are already in attendance. Given your level of work experience, you may find the classroom materials too easy, too advanced, too confusing, or impractical for your particular role in your shop.
Using Servlets and JavaServer Pages with Portlets
Figure 1-3. Typical Windows Forms deployment
Figures 3-25 to 3-27 illustrate the data flow between the various components. In Figure 3-25, you see the situation after the first method call of the client on the first server object. The client holds a proxy object containing the ObjRef that points to the server-side Singleton object.
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