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This model provided the foundation for what would become the Internet, and the Internet provided the foundation for what would become the World Wide Web. By using TCP/IP, it became possible to build first a file transfer protocol (FTP) and ensuing application. From there, Tim Berners-Lee expanded the idea to having a live view of the file in an application called a browser. Instead of just transferring a document from a distant machine to your own, the application would also render the file. To do this, the file would need to be marked up in a special way that could be understood by the browser. A natural progression to this is to allow documents to be linked to each other, so that when the user selects a link, they are taken to the document that the link refers to. This introduced the concept of hypertext, and thus HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) was invented.
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Note Although the CLI itself does allow an abstract class implementing an interface to leave unimplemented
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Figure 5 20. Decide shape orchestration example
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In the following example, we have one volume and two metadata controllers. When we first invoke cvadmin, it displays all of the valid file-system services (which in this context means volumes per metadata controller) and selects our only volume. Notice that, in the output shown below, MyVolume has two entries. This is completely normal, because you should see one entry per volume per MDC. In this case, we have one volume and two metadata controllers, so we have two entries. The asterisk denotes the active FSS (or active metadata controller),
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convenient index that makes it very cheap to find all the 'A's, then find all the 'B's, then find all the 'C's a mechanism that I usually refer to as a driving operation. The same possibility exists when the query becomes slightly more complex: select * from tableX where z_code in (other query); Should the RDBMS get all the rows from tableX, and operate the other query once for each row, or should it somehow try to operate the other query once and use its result set to drive into tableX If everything I ve said in this section makes perfect sense to you, then you ve understood all there is to know (from a conceptual point of view) about subquery transformation. There are ways to write SQL that are nice, easy, and intuitively obvious for the natural language speaker there are ways to operate SQL that allows the database engine to perform efficiently. The better the optimizer is at translating between equivalent SQL statements, the less work you have to do to tailor your queries to the needs of the database engine. Subquery transformation is one of the growth areas in the Oracle optimization code aimed squarely at this issue.
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Note The format strings used with printf are scanned by the F# compiler during type checking, which means
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will be presented with a list of configuration options. This will ask you a series of configuration questions. On the fourth pane of the assistant, you are presented with the option to enable directory based-administration. This option will enable directory users found in specific groups: ard_admin, ard_interact, ard_manage, and ard_reports. From there, it will use membership in these groups to grant respective rights to the members. The ard_admin group represents full access and is the most common. The ard_interact group limits interaction to screen control. Alternatively, you can configure these options through the kickstart command:
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To let users choose the coloring of the set, you create an array of 10 functions, given an integer between 0 and 250, for a corresponding color. The default color function is based on the HSV color model; it uses the input parameter to set the hue of the color, leaving the saturation and luminance at the maximum values. The other functions use the RGB color space, following directions in the color cube. You use the createPalette function to generate the color palette that is used while drawing fractal points; the palette mutable variable holds this palette. Listing 11-6 shows the code that deals with colors. The pickColor function is responsible for mapping the iteration, it, at which the computation of the Mandelbrot set terminates given the maximum number of iterations allowed, maxit. Listing 11-6. Color Palette Definition let makeColor (r, g, b) = Color.FromArgb(int32(r * 255.0), int32(g * 255.0), int32(b * 255.0)) let defaultColor i = makeColor(HSVtoRGB(360.0 * (float i / 250.0), 1.0, 1.0)) let coloring = [| defaultColor; (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(i, i, i)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(i, 0, 0)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(0, i, 0)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(0, 0, i)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(i, i, 0)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(i, 250 - i, 0)); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(250 - i, i, i)); (fun i -> if i % 2 = 0 then Color.White else Color.Black); (fun i -> Color.FromArgb(250 - i, 250 - i, 250 - i)) |] let createPalette c = Array.init 253 (function | 250 -> Color.Black | 251 -> Color.White | 252 -> Color.LightGray | i -> c i) let mutable palette = createPalette coloring.[0] let pickColor maxit it = palette.[int(250.0 * float it / float maxit)]
Now that you ve defined all this metadata for a type, you ll want to access it programmatically. Getting attributes on an object is an example of the use of reflection, a .NET Framework feature that recalls the runtime type information (RTTI) feature in classic C++. Reflection enables you to query the attributes of an object at runtime, as well as other metadata associated with a type, such as the type name, inheritance relationships, properties, methods, and events of a type. Not only can you query for information, but you can also create new types, instantiate objects, and call methods on these objects from dynamically loaded assemblies, even if the type or method name is known only from reflection. Reflection does not work with mixed mode (compiled with /clr) executables; you must compile with /clr:pure or /clr:safe in order to use reflection on an assembly. This is because reflection only knows how to load MSIL; it has no knowledge of non-MSIL code that is present in mixed mode. The Assembly::LoadFrom method we used in 9 is a good way to get started with reflection. Once we ve loaded an assembly, we can get the types in the assembly as a collection of Type objects using the GetTypes method on the assembly class, as in Listing 10-16.
JMS defines extensive possibilities for message durability, acknowledgements, and message filtering. Data services extend most of those features to Flex. The default JMS adapter in BlazeDS and LCDS supports these features. In the preceding example, we send text messages, but it s also possible to send object messages. Data services remoting works in association with messaging to serialize and deserialize between Java and ActionScript. JMS in Flex started out by supporting only publish-and-subscribe messaging, but point-to-point communication has now been included. The Flex framework also includes filters and subtopics to allow fine-grained and rule-based message filtering. The Consumer control has a selector property to filter messages, which takes a string value. SQL expressions can also be defined to filter messages. For example, to filter messages based on headerProp, a header property, you could have a criterion like this:
foreach (var employee in result) { OutputResults(employee); } } ... } The orderby clause of a LINQ query sorts the results based on the indicated fields. The code in Listing 13-5 sorts the data on the basis of Country values. Notice the use of the select keyword that decides what to fetch. We will revisit the select keyword in later sections. The foreach loop then iterates the results and emits them in the TextBox.
The onFault method will be called in cases where you have errors while trying to make the service call, such as calling a file that does not exists or security errors. At this point, you are leaving this method with a trace statement, but feel free to implement with dispatching an error event.
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