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s Note In yet another somewhat confusing bit of terminology, the class is named DataSet, but the generic term is spelled dataset (when one expects data set). Why Microsoft does this is unclear, especially since data set is the more common usage outside ADO.NET. Nonetheless, we ll follow the .NET convention and call Dataset objects datasets.
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Figure 2-12. Adding a reference
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Let s next take a look at the toolbar and how each of the buttons works within the diagram. The whole toolbar is shown in Figure 6-15.
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If you use Visual C++ 2005, you have to let the compiler know that you are targeting the CLR (and therefore want C++/CLI standard extensions enabled). You do this by using the /clr compiler option (or one of its variants, as discussed in 3). In the Visual C++ development environment, you would choose the appropriate type of project, and the option would be set appropriately for that project type. If you need to change the option later, you can set the Common Language Runtime support option in the General tab of the Project Properties dialog.
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The last three are fairly straightforward. They perform a database operation and return the appropriate results back to the caller using a SendReply activity. When the application wants to get the current statistics about the queues, it calls the GetQueueStats() method of the web service. This will create a new workflow instance that is completed as soon as the response is sent back to the application. This workflow is very short-lived. The instance store is configured to remove the record from the InstancesTable when the workflow is completed. So using a workflow instance to perform a simple task does not leave any artifacts behind.
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Working with Windows Forms
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XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter(textBox3.Text, null); writer.WriteStartDocument(); writer.WriteComment("File exported on " + DateTime.Now); writer.WriteStartElement(textBox5.Text, "table", textBox4.Text); while (reader.Read()) { if (radioButton1.Checked) { writer.WriteStartElement(textBox5.Text, "row", textBox4.Text); for (int i = 0; i < reader.FieldCount; i++) { writer.WriteStartElement(textBox5.Text, reader.GetName(i), textBox4.Text); writer.WriteString(reader.GetValue(i).ToString()); writer.WriteEndElement(); } writer.WriteEndElement(); } else { writer.WriteStartElement(textBox5.Text, "row", textBox4.Text); for (int i = 0; i < reader.FieldCount; i++) { writer.WriteAttributeString(textBox5.Text, reader.GetName(i), textBox4.Text, reader.GetValue(i).ToString()); } writer.WriteEndElement(); } } writer.WriteEndElement(); writer.Close(); reader.Close(); cnn.Close(); }
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Framework/Library Name
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Navigating Between Various Nodes
Access Levels for Classes
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