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Anonymous user: This determines the name that will be given to site visitors in logs and posts if they are not logged in. For example, if someone visits your site and leaves a comment without first creating an account and signing in, the post will be attributed to whatever name you set here. The default is Anonymous.
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If the login were being carried out on a Swing application (for instance), the handler could block the login process and prompt the user for a password and username at runtime. For a web application, however, the approach of prompting the user for details first and then populating a callback handler prior to login is preferable. Disposing of such a handler as soon as it has served its purpose is
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Understanding Data Binding: Behind the Scenes
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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
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NOTE: Of the above fields, only the password field is encrypted; everything else can be viewed without entering a password. Because of this, an attacker can potentially use this data for a traffic analysis attack; by analyzing the clear text data available in the keychain item, they may glean information that assists with gaining access to the account. For instance, an attacker can view a keychain item to gain access to your username for a website. Having access to the username may potentially open the door for them to manipulate a remote password-reset procedure. For highly sensitive sites, consider encrypting all data, including username and password, in the form a secure note, which we ll discuss more in a bit.
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Note Okay, you got us. If you use apt-cache or the Synaptic Package Manager to look through the
Configuration name: the friendly name entered earlier in this chapter. If the wizard was used this will be the same as the Server Name or IP Address: field. Server name or IP address: the location of the LDAP server. Open/close times out in: number of seconds that the server will cancel an open or close event for the LDAP connection. Query times out in: number of seconds that a Query for a record will time out if the record has not yet been found. Re-bind attempted in: number of seconds to wait before reconnecting
Figure 10-3. Application for executing parameterized queries The application allows you to fetch details of only one employee whose EmployeeID is specified in the text box. The returned XML data is displayed in the Web Browser control as before. Listing 10-19 shows the Click event handler of the Execute button. Listing 10-19. Using the SqlXmlParameter Class private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string strConn = @"Provider=SQLOLEDB;server=.\sqlexpress;database=northwind;integrated security=SSPI"; string sql = "SELECT employeeid,firstname,lastname FROM employees WHERE employeeid= FOR XML AUTO,ROOT('MyRoot')"; SqlXmlCommand cmd = new SqlXmlCommand(strConn); cmd.CommandText = sql; SqlXmlParameter param = cmd.CreateParameter(); param.Value = textBox1.Text; StreamWriter writer = File.CreateText(Application.StartupPath + @"\sqlxmlresults.xml"); cmd.ExecuteToStream(writer.BaseStream); writer.Close(); webBrowser1.Navigate(Application.StartupPath + @"\sqlxmlresults.xml"); }
When you evaluate the query expression in F# Interactive, a connection to the database is created and opened, the command is built, and the reader is used to read successive elements: > fsi.AddPrinter(fun (d: System.DateTime) -> d.ToString());; val it : unit = () > query();; val it : seq<string * System.DateTime> = seq [("Joe", 14/02/1965 00:00:00); ("Mary", 15/09/1985 00:00:00)] The definition of query uses sequence expressions that locally define new IDisposable objects such as conn, comm, and reader using declarations of the form use var = expr. These ensure that the locally defined connection, command, and reader objects are disposed after exhausting the entire sequence. See s 4, 8, and 9 for more details about sequence expressions of this kind. F# sequences are on-demand (that is, lazy), and the definition of query doesn t open a connection to the database. This is done when the sequence is first iterated; a connection is maintained until the sequence is exhausted. Note that the command object s ExecuteReader method returns a DataReader instance that is used to extract the typed data returned from the query. You can read from the resulting sequence in a straightforward manner using a sequence iterator. For instance, you can use a simple anonymous function to print data on the screen: > query() |> Seq.iter (fun (fn, bday) -> printfn "%s has birthday %O" fn bday);; Joe has birthday 14/02/1965 00:00:00 Mary has birthday 15/09/1985 00:00:00 val it : unit = () The query brings the data from the database in-memory, although still as a lazy sequence. You can then use standard F# in-memory data transformations on the result: > query() |> Seq.filter (fun (nm, bday) -> bday < System.DateTime.Parse("01/01/1985")) |> Seq.length;; val it : int = 1 However, be aware that these additional transformations are happening in-memory and not in the database. The command object has different methods for executing different queries. For instance, if you have a nonselect query, you need to use the ExecuteNonQuery method (for UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements, as previously in execNonQuery), which returns the number of rows affected (updated, inserted, or deleted), or the ExecuteScalar method, which returns the first column of the first row of the result, providing a fast and efficient way to extract a single value, such as the number of rows in a table or a result set. In the previous command, you extracted fields from the result rows using GetXXX methods on the reader object. The particular methods have to match the types of the fields selected in the SQL query, and a mismatch results in a runtime InvalidCastException. For these and other reasons, DataReader tends to be suitable only in situations when the following items are true:
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