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The consumer and the portlet have to agree on a character encoding for the portlet s content fragment. The consumer tells the portlet which character encoding it would like to use, and the portlet should use that character encoding if possible. If your portlet cannot support the requested character encoding, the portlet may use either UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding. Consider your portlet s ability to generate different character sets if your portlet will have an international audience that uses different character encodings.
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Grid.Row="1" /> <Canvas x:Name="ContentGrid" Margin="0,8,8,0" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="472" Height="479" VerticalAlignment="Top"> <Ellipse x:Name="ball" Canvas.Left="126" Fill="#FF963C3C" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="47" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="46" Canvas.Top="222"/> </Canvas> </Grid> </phone:PhoneApplicationPage> Once you ve loaded the XAML code, you should see the layout shown in Figure 6 16. Now it s time to animate the ball and add the sound effect by wiring up some events, which you ll do next.
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} public void AddNewLead(Lead l) { this.lstLeads.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.lstLeads.Items.Add(l))); } private void lstLeads_SelectionChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstLeads.SelectedIndex >= 0) { Lead l = (Lead)lstLeads.Items[lstLeads.SelectedIndex]; UpdateControls(l); } else { lblSelectedNotes.Content = ""; lblSelectedNotes.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; } } private void btnAssign_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstLeads.SelectedIndex >= 0) { Lead l = (Lead)lstLeads.Items[lstLeads.SelectedIndex]; Guid id = l.WorkflowID; WorkflowApplication i = new WorkflowApplication(new EnterLead()); SetupInstance(i); i.Load(id); try { i.ResumeBookmark("GetAssignment", txtAgent.Text); } catch (Exception e2) { AddEvent(e2.Message); } } } private void LoadExistingLeads() { LeadDataDataContext dc = new LeadDataDataContext(_connectionString); dc.Refresh(RefreshMode.OverwriteCurrentValues, dc.Leads);
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Figure 13-15. Finished bouncing ball animation application In this section, you discussed animations in Silverlight. You should be comfortable creating new animations for your application in Expression Blend, and modifying and programming against those animations in Visual Studio 2008. The next section addresses transformations in Silverlight.
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Figure 18-3. The MyComplex type shown by the debugger without and with DebuggerDisplay Figure 18-3 is also interesting because it shows how the debugger displays information from the compiled program. In this case, the association between the name c and the runtime local variable has been lost, and the record appears because it has been compiled by the compiler as a pair of fields and public properties. The rest of the namespace contains classes to interact with the runtime: the event-logging infrastructure, process and thread management, and the representation of a thread s stack. Stack manipulation can be useful if you need to know the call sequence that leads to executing a particular method. The StackTrace type exposes a list of StackFrame objects that provide information about each method call on the stack.
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The Hessian client configuration also corresponds closely to the HTTP invoker s client configuration. The client bean is provided with the path to the remote service, and calls to the factory materialize proxy instances that implement the supplied service interface. Listing 9-14 shows this configuration.
# lsmod $ lsof $ man $ md5sum
When most people hear the word cryptography, they may first think of cipher encryption that is, transforming a plaintext, such as hello, into seeming gibberish called a ciphertext, such as ifmmp. Ciphers have existed for millennia, and modern ones have grown to be incredibly sophisticated. All but the most trivial ciphers rely on use of a key. The key is a secret piece of data that is used to encrypt a message. For example, consider a cipher that adds the key value to the plaintext value. We might have a plain text of hello and a key of world. We can convert those letters into numeric values, starting with 1 for A and 26 for Z . Then, for each letter, we add the value of the plain text to the value of the key. If the total is greater than 26, we subtract 26 so we end up with a value between 1 and 26. Finally, we convert the number back to the numeric value. In this example, h has a value of 8 since H is the 8th letter in the English alphabet; w has a value of 23 since it is the 23rd letter. 8 + 23 = 31. We subtract 26 to get a value of 5, which corresponds to the letter e . Table 5-1 shows how to apply these steps to the entire words.
Figure 3-13. The client receives an exception because the object has timed out.
The template will generate a window form named MainWindow.xaml. Rename this file to FollowUpLead.xaml. Open the App.xaml file and change the StartupUri attribute as follows: StartupUri="FollowUpLead.xaml" Then open the FollowUpLead.xaml.cs file and modify the class as follows (the modified lines are in bold): namespace LeadResponse { /// <summary> /// Interaction logic for FollowUpLead.xaml /// </summary> public partial class FollowUpLead : Window { public FollowUpLead() { InitializeComponent(); } } } In the Solution Explorer, right-click the LeadResponse project and choose Add Reference. From the .NET tab, add the following references: System.Activities System.Activities.DurableInstancing System.Configuration System.Data.Linq System.Runtime.DurableInstancing System.ServiceModel System.ServiceModel.Activities System.Transactions
Creates a field that is indexed and tokenized, but not stored. Use unstored fields for large pieces of content that do not need to appear in the search results in their original form. Examples of these would be PDF files, web pages, articles, long descriptions, or other large pieces of text.
Figure 26-3. You can choose from a variety of look and feel options for your form, and each
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