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WebKit ( is an open-source browser that has been available since AIR 1.0. The WebKit engine renders HTML and executes JavaScript. WebKit is the engine that drives Safari, claimed by Apple and others to be the fastest browser. Adobe AIR 2.0 uses the same branch of WebKit as the Safari 4 beta: The most significant feature of using this branch of WebKit is the usage of SquirrelFish Extreme (SFX), which has been integrated into the WebKit engine and increases the overall performance of WebKit (see Figure 5-10).
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defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean false
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Merge Replication
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The installation is pretty straightforward. Once it has installed successfully, you ll see a completion screen (see Figure 12-4).
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<ListBox Height="150" x:Name="lstDirectoryListing" Margin="5,5,13,5"> </ListBox> </StackPanel> </Grid> First is a simple cosmetic TextBlock for the section title. This is followed by the TextBlock named lblCurrentDirectory, which will be filled with the current directory. As the users navigate through the directories, it will be important to inform them which directory they are in. Next are two Button controls (btnUpDir and btnOpenDir), which will be used for navigating through the directories. This is simplified into two basic tasks: moving up a directory and opening the currently selected directory. To get the buttons to appear visually as desired, they are contained in a StackPanel with horizontal orientation. The final ListBox will be populated with directories named lstDirectoryListing. As the users navigate through the directories using the btnUpDir and btnOpenDir buttons, this ListBox will be repopulated automatically with the directories contained in the user s current location. 7. Next, still within Grid.Row and Grid.Column (1,0), add the files section, as follows: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" ShowGridLines="True"> ... <ListBox Height="100" x:Name="lstDirectoryListing" Margin="5,5,13,5"> </ListBox> <TextBlock FontSize="15" Text="Files" Margin="5"> </TextBlock> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <Button x:Name="btnOpenFile" Margin="5" Click="btnOpenFile_Click" Content="Show File" Width="100" Height="20" /> </StackPanel>
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using (FileStream fs = new FileStream("output.xls", FileMode.Create)) { fs.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length); } } catch (Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine("Initial Error Message: " + ex.Message); string FinalErrorMessage = string.Empty; Exception innerError = ex.InnerException; while (!((innerError == null))) { FinalErrorMessage += innerError.Message; innerError = innerError.InnerException; } Console.WriteLine("Final Error Message:" + FinalErrorMessage); Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit"); //Wait for user action of press any key Console.ReadKey(); } finally { //check if connection is still open then attempt to close it if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } } }
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This will pause an active playback. Some types of media may not be paused (i.e., streaming media), and in this case the pause command will be ignored. You can check to see if the media can be paused by using the CanPause property. Here s an example:
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Click the Log In link at the top-right corner of the page. The first time you log in, you ll need to create a new account by clicking the register link. This will display the page shown in Figure A-2.
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Site integration projects generally require you to work the most on the header and footer files. You need both because overall_header.tpl opens most of your pages, and overall_footer.tpl closes them. When customizing your board, think of overall_header.tpl extending to where the body of the board begins. For example, I like to employ a sidebar in my designs. If you have a sidebar on the left side of your site, this is the file where you would want that sidebar to show up. However, if the sidebar is on the right side of your site, you will want to edit overall_footer.tpl and insert it there instead, as that picks up where the body of the page left off. The key to templating is that you are just editing one fragmented HTML page. Understanding the templating of the header and footer is critical, especially if you use tables for layout. If you forget to finish your tables in the footer, you may run into serious problems with your page breaking. When editing the header, it s important to preserve the links to the specific pages of your forums (editing profiles, registration, and so on). Going through and doing wholesale deletions can be costly; for example, you may realize that you can no longer check your private messages easily. Make sure you use the subSilver template as a guide, and check constantly to make sure you ve kept the links. It s a smart idea not to replace the titles of the links with images or textual characters that are not localized to the language, unless you are planning on serving an Englishonly site. By replacing the {L_. . .} variables, you re removing the references to the localizations. Optional items include the site title and slogan. I usually end up using an image to replace these. A smart idea would be to use the site title and slogan as the alternate text for any title image you may create. Use the footer to round out the design, whether tabular or via style sheets. Feel free to add your site s standard footer, not disturbing the link to phpBB too much. After rounding out your design in the footer, take a look at your site. You may be wondering about the simple_header.tpl and simple_footer.tpl files (briefly explained in Table 12-1). These are the simple header and footer used in the pop-up windows. If you ve decided on full CSS replacement, you ll want to remove the subSilver CSS embedded in simple_header.tpl and replace it with what you are using. You might edit simple_footer.tpl only if you wish to modify the style of the copyright, as that is all that is displayed on that screen.
logFile="/var/log/myprogram.log" exec &>> "$logFile" ##From here on, all of our output will be redirected to our log file.
In fact, this is encouraged.
In the bottom-right corner is a series of tabs. If you know the keyword you are looking for, you can switch to the Index tab and enter it there. If you prefer, you can drill through the Help files on the Contents tab. In either case, when you find content you are interested in, you can right-click and add the Help page to your Help Favorites for easy reference. These items will appear in the Help Favorites tab.
the BlackBerry Plug-in, then click on the options to build and sign, you can simply double-click a build file, or wait for an automated build server to incorporate your changes.
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