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The DBCC commands can be used for many different operations, such as working with IDENTITY columns. If you find that when testing out IDENTITY columns you receive a number of errors, and the identity number has jumped up further than you wished, it is possible to reset the seed of the IDENTITY column so that Query Editor starts again from a known point. The syntax for this command is very simple: DBCC CHECKIDENT ('table_name'[,{NORESEED |{RESEED[,new_reseed_value]}}]) The following elaborates on the three areas of the syntax that may need explanation: The name of the table that you wish to reset the identity value for is placed in single quotation marks. You can then use NORESEED to return back what SQL Server believes the current identity value should be, in other words, what the current maximum identity value is within the IDENTITY column. The final option is the one we are interested in. You can either reseed a table automatically by simply specifying the RESEED option with no value. This will look at the table defined and will reset the value to the current maximum value within the table. Or optionally, you can set the column of the table to a specific value by separating the value and the option RESEED by a comma. If you use RESEED and there are currently no records in the table, but there had been in the past, then the value will still be set to the last value entered, so take care. Resetting the seed for an IDENTITY column though does have a danger, which you need to be aware of. If you reset the point to start inserting values for the IDENTITY column back past the greatest number on the given table, you will find that there is the potential of an error being produced. When a value that already exists is generated from an INSERT after resetting the IDENTITY column value, then you will receive an error message informing you the value already exists. To give an example, you have a table with the values 1,2,5,6,7,8 and you reset the IDENTITY value back to 2. You insert the next record, which will correctly get the value 3, and the insertion will work. This will still work the same with the next insertion, which will receive the value 4. However, come to the next record, and there will be an attempt to insert the value 5, but that
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Listing 9-11. Defining the Remote Service Interface for Hessian
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You created separate commands for the INSERT and DELETE statements and associated them with the same transaction by setting their Transaction property to the same transaction, sqltrans.
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The merchant has no way of knowing if there are sufficient funds or credit for the customers purchases. Further, because of the manual processing, the per transaction cost of doing business this way cuts deeply into his profit. The answer lies in mobile, wireless processing. But, even with the subsidies offered by merchant processors, a wireless terminal starts at nearly $800, well beyond the reach of the small businessman. With the iPhone and its sophisticated operating system, innovative developers quickly provided a solution; credit card processing apps for the iPhone (Figure 8 3). The iPhone requires no power other than an occasional good charge and can use either the phone line or WiFi as a medium for connectivity. A customer brings his purchases to the vendor who types in the card number, expiration date, and the amount of the purchase. Many apps also provide the capability of Address Verification System (AVS) whereby vendors can enter additional data such as the CVV code of the card and the street address/zip code of the customer. The vendor sets up the AVS feature if he wants to accept cards with an increased sense of security that the transaction is not fraudulent. Although it may seem complicated from the outside, the actual code to perform the transaction is no more than a POST operation to an http server. The connection is made securely using SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) protocols that are already part of the iPhone OS. This means sending data to a web address prefixed by https// which takes care of network security concerns.
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The next part of the sample creates a new RichTextBox control and stores it in a variable called textB: let textB = new RichTextBox(Dock= DockStyle.Fill) form.Controls.Add(textB) A control is typically an object with a visible representation or, more generally, an object that reacts to operating system events related to the windowing system. A form is one such control, but there are many others. A RichTextBox control is one that can contain formatted text, much like a word processor.
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info.AddValue("Firstname", Firstname); info.AddValue("Lastname", Lastname); } } This will be the first version of your Person object. You ll see later on that this kind of serialization will not be sufficient for scenarios described at the beginning of this chapter. But for the moment, you will leave it to see what the problem is. Next, create your intermediary server. For simplicity, the intermediary implements the same interface as your final back-end server and just routes messages from the client to the server. The complete code for the intermediary server can be seen in Listing 8-17. Listing 8-17. The Intermediary Server using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Reflection; System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
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CHAPTER 6: Coding a Pong Game
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CHAPTER 2: Services, Daemons, and Processes
This formula will add $.50 per pound for the freight charges. Finally, drag another WriteLine activity after Freight Charges and set the Text property to the following: "The total amount is: $" + TotalAmount.ToString() This displays the calculated order total. The final workflow should look like the one shown in Figure 4-16.
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