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As you will see in 3, the IDE provides a very rich interface with SQL Server. In the Database Tools options, you can specify some default behavior that the IDE should respect. The IDE provides interfaces for creating database objects such as tables and stored procedures. With the Database Tools options, you can establish default field sizes for columns in a table based on data type, and you can limit the size of result sets that are returned from queries executed from the IDE.
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Creating Indexes and Database Diagramming
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INSERT INTO <table> (<column1>, <column2>, ..., <columnN>) VALUES (<value1>, <value2>, ..., <valueN>)
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Target Size for Hash Memory
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Figure 14-3. Define the data source
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VBA Properties
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Getting Data About Data
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You can use one final technique to make a value generic. This one is rarely used but is very handy when it s required. It s normally used when you re defining values that are generic but that are neither functions nor simple data expressions. For example, let s define a sequence of 100 empty lists: let emptyLists = Seq.init 100 (fun _ -> []) The expression on the right isn t a function or simple data expression (it s a function application), so the value restriction applies. One solution is to add an extra dummy argument, as in the previous section. However, if you re designing a library, this can seem very artificial. Instead, you can use the following declaration form to make emptyLists generic: let emptyLists<'T> : seq<'T list> = Seq.init 100 (fun _ -> []) You can now use emptyLists as a type function to generate values of different types. For example: > Seq.length emptyLists;; val it : int = 100 > emptyLists<int>;; val it : seq<int list> = seq [[]; []; []; []; ...] > emptyLists<string>;; val it : seq<string list> = seq [[]; []; []; []; ...] Some values and functions in the F# library are defined in this way, including typeof<_>, Seq.empty, and Set.empty. 9 covers typeof.
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Tracking Participants
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Because a virtual directory is just that, virtual, you will not encounter any problems from deleting it, except that while it is offline your clients who use it will not be able to connect to the server. Note that when you re-create the virtual directory, you will need to go into IIS and customize the permissions as defined by your organization s security policy before using the virtual directory again. The ability to delete virtual directories or, more importantly, to create new ones is a great help when troubleshooting connectivity issues. After you ve created a new virtual directory, before you customize permissions, test Entourage. Then, after you customize the permissions, test Entourage again. Or, you may want to create an entirely new virtual directory without deleting the existing one during testing. Because Exchange, Public, Exchweb and Exadmin are not native to Exchange 2007, you would actually replace Exchange2007 with Exchange2003or2000 for those directories. So if you wanted to re-create Exadmin, for example, you would use the following command
How It Works
CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
Now we need to define the header and content items, using the ItemTemplate for the header and the ContentTemplate for the content. For the ItemTemplate, we ll simply define a TextBlock that will display the BookCategory. For the ContentTemplate, we ll define a ListBox control that will contain a list of TextBlocks, each displaying a book Title. <toolkit:Accordion Name="BookList" Margin="10" Width="200"> <toolkit:Accordion.ContentTemplate> <DataTemplate> <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding Books}" BorderThickness="0"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock FontWeight="Bold" Text="{Binding Title}" /> </DataTemplate> </ListBox.ItemTemplate> </ListBox> </DataTemplate> </toolkit:Accordion.ContentTemplate> <toolkit:Accordion.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding CategoryName}" /> </DataTemplate> </toolkit:Accordion.ItemTemplate> </toolkit:Accordion>
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