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Before you jump into modifying your board, you should perform a few tasks to make the modification process as smooth and uneventful as possible. You will be delving into phpBB s underlying source code now, so it does not hurt to be prepared!
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s Note You ll need MS Access if you would like to see the report in Figure 10-1 in action.
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With Visual Studio 2005 came two new properties, Anchor and Dock, which are so easy to set at design time itself. The same Dock and Anchor properties are available with Visual Studio 2008, and they solve the problem with the behavior of controls that users face while resizing forms.
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But you can t, because the text box that you added earlier for txtResult was an ASP .NET HTML control. Based on the fact that web applications are stateless, the server doesn t recognize the control, and your code will not compile! Why is this the case The answer lies in the fact that ASP.NET was designed for efficiency. For ASP .NET to be able to change the value of a page control when the page posts back, ASP .NET needs to first be made aware that the control could potentially have its value changed, and then ASP .NET needs to keep track of the value. This is called control state. We ll see how to do this in the next section. For completeness, I should mention that if you don t want to use the input text control to return the mathematical result to the user, you could use the Page.Response (HttpResponse) stream to write HTML directly to the response stream, overwriting the default HTML to be returned to the client (i.e., the HTML that makes up your form) with your own content. However, this isn t recommended in general, because you will completely overwrite your application within the browser.
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To set an lhost of, you would use the following command:
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This method returns either null, if everything is OK, or an exception with a more meaningful error message. If an exception is returned, ProcessMessage() will simply throw the exception. public void ProcessMessage(IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, out Stream responseStream) { _next.ProcessMessage(msg, requestHeaders, requestStream, out responseHeaders, out responseStream); Exception ex = GetExceptionIfNecessary(ref responseHeaders, ref responseStream); if (ex!=null) throw ex; } The method for examining the content of the response stream first looks at the Content-Type header. If this header has the value application/octet-stream , it is not modified and the method does not return an exception. Otherwise, it reads the complete response text and creates a new Exception object, setting its description to the text that has been received from the server. This method can look like this: private Exception GetExceptionIfNecessary( ref ITransportHeaders headers, ref Stream stream) { int chunksize=0x400; MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); string ct = headers["Content-Type"] as String; if (ct==null || ct != "application/octet-stream") { byte[] buf = new byte[chunksize]; StringBuilder bld = new StringBuilder(); for (int size = stream.Read(buf, 0, chunksize); size > 0; size = stream.Read(buf, 0, chunksize)) { bld.Append(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(buf, 0, size)); } return new RemotingException(bld.ToString()); } return null; } Additionally, you will need to implement AsyncProcessRequest() and AsyncProcessResponse() to provide a similar behavior. public void AsyncProcessRequest(IClientChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage msg,
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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PIM pim = PIM.getInstance(); String[] listNames = pim.listPIMLists(PIM.EVENT_LIST); for (int i = 0; i < listNames.length; ++i) { EventList contacts = (EventList)pim.openPIMList( PIM.EVENT_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE, listNames[i]); // Use the list contacts.close(); }
Figure 4-6. Accessing Northwind via the SQL Server data provider
Computer and selecting Manage System Tools Local Users and Groups).
This isn t a good match for the reads and writes recorded against the temporary files. So I took a close look at the trace file itself. The following lines are eight consecutive lines from a trace file for a typical test run. I have put in a couple of blank lines to clarify the change of function: WAIT #1: nam='db file scattered read' ela= 33985 p1=5 p2=1847 p3=6 WAIT #1: nam='db file sequential read' ela= 246 p1=5 p2=1875 p3=1 WAIT #1: nam='direct path write' ela= 6 p1=201 p2=16799 p3=6 WAIT #1: nam='direct path write' ela= 22 p1=201 p2=16805 p3=2 WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT #1: #1: #1: #1: nam='direct nam='direct nam='direct nam='direct path path path path read' read' read' read' ela= ela= ela= ela= 293 p1=201 p2=16792 p3=2 20087 p1=201 p2=19206 p3=2 6655 p1=201 p2=19081 p3=2 3685 p1=201 p2=19144 p3=2
n Tip The System.Activities.Expressions namespace contains a number of activities that you can use in your workflow, including Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide. It also includes activities such as Equal, GreaterThan, And, and Or that are used by the built-in activities to evaluate expressions. You can use them directly in your workflow.
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