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( To some of us, seeing what code is being worked on and how Drupal is evolving is daily reading.
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Invoking the Native Address Book
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Local Portlet (JSR 168) Local Portlet (JSR 168) HTTP User's Web Browser Portlet A (WSRP) Portlet C (WSRP) Portlet E (WSRP) WSRP Consumer Portal
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Note A URL is a complete address that includes the protocol (HTTP), your domain, and depending on
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Body: The rehearsal has been scheduled Body: The menu has been decided Body: The facility deposit has been paid Body: The stationary has been ordered Body: The invite list has been agreed to Body: The flowers have been ordered Confirmation: The invitations have been sent Confirmation: The invitation activities have been confirmed Catch: The wedding has been cancelled Compensation: The reception compensation is starting Compensation: The reception reservation was released Compensation: A refund of the deposit was requested Wedding.CallItOffException - The wedding has been cancelled Compensation: The wedding compensation is starting Compensation: The church reservation was released Compensation: The flowers were cancelled Press ENTER to exit Your exception handler compensated the Reception activity. The rethrown exception was caught by the application and the remaining activity ( Wedding ) was also compensated. (Because the Invitations activity was explicitly confirmed previously, it was not compensated.)
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OPus Make was a popular build tool in the 90s. This tool became popular for its multiplatform support and rather lengthy list of features, including support for logical operators in conditional expressions, regular expression substitutions, a rich set of directives, and more.
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selected during installation and might not be available on all client machines by default. There are no additional licensing costs for using MSMQ in your applications.
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Security Considerations
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Understanding the Anatomy of a Graphical Application
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Figure 11-18. Breadcrumbs The SiteMapPath control displays various levels of navigation. You can click on the parent or root levels to navigate back or to the top level. Before we delve into the details, let s first create the required directory structure and web forms. Begin by adding two folders to the website called Products and Services. Add the web forms as shown in Table 11-2. Table 11-2. Folders and Web Forms
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Listing 8-5. PersistChanges: Module1.vb
let (|>) x f = f x
Try It Out: Temporary Tables
s Note The code used to produce the PDF file, by default, will store the file inside the BIN build folder. If you wish the output to appear in the root of the C drive, change the code as follows: FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"c:\output.pdf", FileMode.Create).
13. You can have Visual Studio 2005 automatically increment the publish version number each time you publish; all you have to do is select the Automatically Increment Revision with Each Publish checkbox on the Publish tab. 14. The application icon will be placed within a menu group named after the publisher of the application.
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