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By far, the most renovation was saved for the private messaging system, as shown in Figure 9-22. With the features it now packs, phpBB 3.0 s private messaging system rivals some e-mail clients in terms of power.
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In this example, we can explain the overhead by looking at the entry for AABRBE a couple of lines higher up. After sorting out the byte-swapping for the platform, we can see that this matches the numeric dump 00000008 41410006 45425242 on the same line. We have
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Table 7-2. RenderingApplication Methods
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Having discussed major principles and some of the components of Metro UI, it is time to turn our attention to the support for themes on Windows Phone 7 devices. Themes make the phone more personal, which goes hand in hand with the Metro guideline that the experience of using the phone should be an engaging one.
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This exercise demonstrates creating a Silverlight application with navigation support from scratch using the Navigation Framework. In the exercise, you will build a simple application that will contain two HyperlinkButtons and a Frame. Clicking the links will load one of two Pages into the Frame. Let s get started. 1. 2. Start Visual Studio 2010 and select File New Project from the main menu. In the New Project dialog box, select Silverlight as the project type and Silverlight Application as the template. Name the project NavAppFromScratch, as shown in Figure 8-2.
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computer and computer groups taking precedence over workgroups. This proves to be beneficial in lab or kiosk environments where the nodes are typically special usage and may need specific configurations. Workgroups, though the lowest on the totem pole, will be your primary application point. The granularity of user-based management is both a blessing and a curse. While it s great to ensure VIP status for certain users and implement further managed preferences for problem users, it also becomes a management nightmare in medium-to-large environments where a number of policies overlap on a given object due to a combination of users, groups, computers, and computer groups. Another form of interaction is referred to as combined interactions. Some examples of these include printers, login items, and dock items. In a combined interaction scenario, preferences from all of the different levels are aggregate. Therefore, if you have a login item deployed for a specific user and a login item deployed for a group the user is in, then both login items will take effect when the user logs in. Inherited interactions are the third type of preference interaction, and simply refer to a managed preference that is only managed at a single level. NOTE: Introduced with 10.5 was the ability to combine preferences across groups. In 10.4, users would be prompted to select a workgroup upon login, and solely that workgroup s preferences would be applied. With 10.5 and later, you can define settings across multiple workgroups. When a user logs in, and is a member of multiple workgroups, they can be configured to receive the combined policies of those two groups. This was a big boon, as it simplified the management of complex hierarchies, particularly opening up the ability to apply management across nested workgroups. The ability still remains to mimic the 10.4 behavior, if needed.
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Charting with JFreeChart
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Portlet API Versioning
9. You can register your copy of VBE by clicking the Register Now link, but you can do this later (we won t cover it here, but we will in 2). Whether or not you register, click Exit to end the VBE installation. The SSE installation now begins. When it s done, the Setup Complete window appears (see Figure 1-8). Click Exit. Both VBE and SSE are now installed (in fact, an SSE instance should now be running), but we need a few other things before we can use them for this book.
LINQ to Objects deals with in-memory data. Any class that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface (in the System.Collections.Generic namespace) can be queried with SQO. LINQ to ADO.NET deals data from external sources, basically anything ADO.NET can connect to. Any class that implements IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable<T> (in the System.Query namespace) can be queried with SQO. LINQ to XML is a comprehensive API for in-memory XML programming. Like the rest of LINQ, it includes SQO, and it can also be used in concert with LINQ to ADO.NET, but its primary purpose is to unify and simplify the kinds of things that disparate XML tools, like XQuery, XPath, and XSLT, are typically used to do. In this chapter we ll preview LINQ to SQL and LINQ to DataSet, since they re most closely related to the VB database programming we ve covered in this book.
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