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Figure 3-14. Entity diagram of the VisualPhotoAlbum database tables Before jumping in and creating the tables, we will first explain what Figure 3-14 means. Each square item in the figure represents a table (also known as an entity). The arrow between the tables represents a relationship between the tables. Relationships can be one to one (a row in one table is only related to one row in the other table); one to many (one row in one table can
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Step 3: Writing the C# Code
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Adding Documents with the IndexWriter
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begin transaction -- Add a customer insert into customers ( customerid, companyname ) values(@newcustid, @newconame) -- Save error number set @inserr = @@error if @inserr > @maxerr set @maxerr = @inserr -- Delete a customer delete from customers where customerid = @oldcustid -- Save error number set @delerr = @@error if @delerr > @maxerr set @maxerr = @delerr
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Exercise 5-4. Add a Custom Block Region to a Theme
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Figure A-15. Database design for the UserTasks project The database contains both a Queue and a SubQueue table. The queues that you used, such as Marketing and Product, are really subqueues, and this solution uses a single queue called Request. This approach allows you to reuse the same tables (and workflow activities) for any number of human-centric workflow tasks. The Queue and SubQueue tables provide configuration options such as SupportsQC (at the queue level) and AllowSelection (at the subqueue level). The SubQueue table includes the Frequency column, which defines how often requests in this subqueue need to be reviewed. The NumberSinceLastEval is used to keep track of this to know when it s time to force another review. The OperatorConfig table provides other QC-related options (see 20 for more details.) The QueueInstance table is the main table that drives the queue logic. A record is created for every request. It keeps track of what subqueue the request is currently in, whether it s in QC mode, and who it is currently assigned to. The QueueTrack table is populated by the tracking extension in response to userdefined tracking events.
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<s:TextInput id="ipAddress" x="129" y="120"/> <s:Button x="330" y="120" label="Reverse DNS Lookup" width="152" click="lookup(ipAddress.text, PTRRecord )"/> <s:Label x="28" y="21" text="DNS Lookup:" fontSize="21"/> <s:TextArea id="output" x="28" y="158" width="454" height="104" text=""/> <s:RichText x="28" y="58" text="Host name: " height="15" fontSize="16"/> <s:RichText x="28" y="123" text="IP Address:" height="15" fontSize="16"/> </s:WindowedApplication>
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2. Highlight the second line, beginning with the word kernel, and press E again. 3. Using the right-arrow key, move the cursor to the end of the line. Insert a space, type profile,
As mentioned earlier in this chapter, BAM is a powerful tool and architecture for monitoring predetermined milestones and business data. Implementing BAM requires identifying the milestones and business data to report and then mapping those data points to the physical BizTalk solution
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