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In our search portlet and our indexer, we use the Lucene index directory for the lock directory. One advantage of this scenario is that portals on different servers can use the same Lucene index on a networked file system, and the servers will respect the Lucene locks. Each server s temporary directory (the value) would be different, so it is important to map the Lucene lock directory to a shared location. Another possibility would be to create a separate lock directory and use that with all applications that share a Lucene index.
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Creating the Application Plumbing
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3. A new dialog box appears. In the Write Speed drop-down list, select the lowest
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Flavors of Marshalling
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unixPrompt> sortNums 5 2 7 3 10 1 99 sorted numbers = 1,2,3,5,7,10,99
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Package Scripts
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When you are done, the Designer should look like Figure 9-10. No errors, no red alerts.
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In the previous section, we talked about the MAGE tool. We discussed the GUI version of the tool; however, we mentioned that the tool also has a command-line interface. The commandline interface is useful for situations where you need to script the creation of the ClickOnce manifest files. So when would you need to script the creation of manifest files Scripting might be helpful in several situations; the primary reason is to automate the entire build and deployment of an application. For example, it s not uncommon for deployment engineers to script the entire build and publish process. Specifically, the steps might be something like the following: 1. Get the latest version of an application from the source control system. 2. Build the application. 3. Create the ClickOnce manifests. 4. Publish the application. With the MAGE tool, you can do step 3, but the other steps have to be scripted using some other technique. That s where MSBuild comes in you can use MSBuild to create a fully customized ClickOnce deployment. To see how, you ll build a simple Windows Forms application and create the ClickOnce deployment using MSBuild.
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We started this chapter by talking about the types of applications you can expect to deploy and the architectures of these applications. We talked about the layered client-server application
Figure 3-4. Server s output for a Singleton object
Drupal calls it a single hierarchy. A multiple hierarchy exists when terms can have multiple parents, as illustrated in Figure 2-6.
The command has the following form: BTSTask ImportApp /Package:value [/Environment:value] [/Overwrite] [/Server:value] [/Database:value] [/ApplicationName:value]
Listing 9-1. The User Account Service to Be Made Available by RMI
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