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For the collection classes, things are a little (but only a very little) more complicated. A number of elements are provided specifically to allow you to represent collections directly in your markup. The entries in these collections can be nested, and can accept both values for type conversion and references to external beans. As Listing 3-13 shows for a Map collection type, it is good practice to use generics to represent the type information for the elements of the collections. Here it is clear that we are mapping String key types to lists of strings as the value type.
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Let s now take the time to install SQL Server 2005 on our machines. Microsoft offers a 120-day trial version at, which you can use to follow along with the examples in this book if you don t already have SQL Server 2005. This book uses the Developer Edition because it is most suited to our needs, as developers, for it doesn t have all the operating system requirements of the Enterprise Edition. Insert the CD for the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 edition of your choice in your CD-ROM drive and start the installation. What the upcoming text covers is a standard installation.
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implement the IDisposable interface, you should consider how to eventually close or otherwise dispose of the resource. We discuss this later in this chapter and in 8.
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XAttributes and then create the required nesting. However, functional construction makes your code tidy and easy to read. If your XML data is generated as a result of some complex processing or logic, then you may need to create various elements and attributes as stand-alone entities and then associate them with each other. This process is very similar to the approach taken by XML DOM.
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// results1 - results4 var results1:XMLList = var results2:XMLList = var results3:XMLList = var results4:XMLList =
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SQL Server General
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While the first two parts of the book primarily focus on adding features to your applications, this last part focuses on technique: how to improve your software in ways that may not be visible to the user, but that make it more robust and improve your efficiency. 9, RIM Security : Deciphers the often baffling security model that constraints the behavior of BlackBerry applications. This chapter explains the critical issues that may come up as you develop your application or that emerge only after it has been released. In the process, you ll learn what tools are available to get the permissions you need, and how to deal with cases where your app is forbidden from doing certain things. 10, Porting Your App : Provides an overview of the many issues to face when you make your application available for multiple devices or multiple countries. By learning these lessons early, you can make the inevitable porting process much quicker and more enjoyable. 11, Advanced Build Techniques : Shows how to move from a one-person operation to a more professional and organized approach. Introduces the many tools available for use, including build scripts, debug logging, release packages, and more. 12, Conclusion : Shares some final thoughts on development and offers resources for further education.
Note The adapter used to receive messages into sequential convoy orchestrations must implement ordered
Table 2-1. Parts of the XML Document
The short name is used for other purposes as well, such as establishing a primary email mailbox for the user or for linking scheduled items through cron. Because of this, setting the initial short name demands some consideration. It s also worth noting that the short name cannot easily be edited in the prominent user interface, and though right-clicking on a user account and choosing Advanced Options allows you to edit this name (as seen in Figure 1-3), doing so has other repercussions, such as loss of group membership (such as admin); possible loss of preference data if an application stores configuration data based on the short name; or disassociation of the user s home folder. In most cases when you plan to modify a user s short name, you will also want to rename his home directory to coincide. This is merely for cosmetic reasons and is not a necessity. You can change short name jdoe to psherman and still utilize the original home directory stored at /Users/jdoe. If you do change the home directory to /Users/psherman, you should make sure you rename the user s home folder on the file system to match the new path specified (in this case, from the original home directory value /Users/jdoe to /Users/psherman). Next, enter the password the user will use in the Password: field and then enter it again into the Verify: field. The small key icon in this dialog box will reveal the Password Assistant, an interface that assists users with choosing strong passwords by supplying them with visual feedback. This functionality is available as a stand-alone program using third party applications available on the Internet, and can also be accessed via the Keychain Access application when you create a new password item. Optionally, you can enter a hint as to what the password is in the Password Hint: field. If a password hint is set for a user, it will be displayed when the user fails to authenticate when logging in. Here you can also check the box to enable FileVault, which encrypts the contents of the user s profile or home folder. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Create Account button. You have now created your first Mac OS X user. If you are done making changes, you should close the lock options available in the Security system preference pane, which will cause the System Preference to forget your previous authentication each time the application is reopened during your timed session. Alternatively, if you forget to close the lock, the elevated privileges will time out.
likely notice that nearly all the plug-ins are Apple-related (for example, related to QuickTime or iPhoto). If you notice a browser plug-in that you suspect is dangerous, navigate to the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder in your user folder and delete it. NOTE: Some older third party plug-ins, such as the Shockwave plug-in, are already integrated into Safari. Safari can also protect against the installation of unwanted software. When you download new software through Safari and try to run it for the first time, you will receive a message alerting you that the software is an application downloaded from the Internet. You ll also be asked whether you re sure you want to open it. You can click Cancel here, which will stop the software from being opened. One of the most dangerous things you can do on your computer is to allow rogue software applications to be installed. Pay attention to this window, as this feature (only available on Leopard and Snow Leopard) will help you protect against unsolicited software being installed on your system. For more on Malware, see 8. You can also see our article at story=20090826235425679 for a little more information on the built-in malware safeguards in Mac OS X.
Figure 7-4. Preference manifest keys
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