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The Click event handler of the Save button is shown in Listing 11-27. Listing 11-27. Saving Profile Values protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SetProfile(); } This simply calls a helper method SetProfile() that sets the profile properties as per the values entered in various text boxes. The GetProfile() and SetProfile() helper methods are shown in Listing 11-28. Listing 11-28. Saving and Retrieving Profile Properties private void SetProfile() { Profile.FullName = TextBox1.Text; Profile.DOB = DateTime.Parse(TextBox2.Text); Profile.Address.Street = TextBox3.Text; Profile.Address.State = TextBox4.Text; Profile.Address.Country = TextBox5.Text; Profile.Address.PostalCode = TextBox6.Text; } private void GetProfile() { if (Profile.FullName != "") { TextBox1.Text = Profile.FullName; TextBox2.Text = Profile.DOB.ToShortDateString(); TextBox3.Text = Profile.Address.Street; TextBox4.Text = Profile.Address.State; TextBox5.Text = Profile.Address.Country; TextBox6.Text = Profile.Address.PostalCode; } } The SetProfile() method uses the Profile object to assign profile property values. Just like the Roles object, the Profile object is a built-in object accessible to all web applications. Notice how the profile properties defined in the web.config file appear as properties of the Profile object. Also, note that the DOB property is of type DateTime and hence type conversion is necessary. The profile properties from the group (Address) can be accessed by using the familiar nested property notation. The GetProfile() method retrieves profile property values and assigns them back to the text boxes.
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Arrow: Displays the typical arrow cursor. Default: No cursor preference set. This uses this element s parent cursor specifications. Hand: Displays a pointing hand cursor, typically used for a hyperlink. IBeam: Displays an I-beam, or text cursor. This is typically used to show an area where
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Figure 14-5. Both operations rolled back reading code128 tag
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The code retrieves the row to be deleted by using the Select() method of the DataTable class. The Delete() method of the DataRow class marks the underlying row for deletion. Finally, the combo box is repopulated so that the deleted employee ID doesn t show up.
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.NET 3.0: Windows Presentation Foundation
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The node.tpl.php file presents a special case, as it is responsible for handling many types of nodes. Clearly, there will be cases where a blog should use a different template than a image or a poll. To support this, PHPTemplate lets you create templates specific to one node type by using a naming convention: node-type.tpl.php. For example, you might have node-book.tpl.php and node-story.tpl.php for book and story nodes, respectively. Create one of these files in your theme s directory (in the same directory as page.tpl.php), and from then on, views of that particular node type will be passed on to the new template. Occasionally, modules will provide their own node template for the particular node type in question. An example of this is provided by the Organic Groups module, which was discussed in 4. Listing 5-5 shows the template file for group nodes. Notice that it is greatly simplified and leaves out many things that are not relevant for a group s node. Listing 5-5. node-og.tpl.php <div class="node< php print ($sticky) " sticky" : ""; >"> < php if ($page == 0): > <h2><a href="< php print $node_url >" title="< php print $title >"> < php print $title ></a></h2> < php endif; > <div class="content"> < php print $content > </div> </div> Page.tpl.php The page.tpl.php file is the template that will handle calls to theme('page', $content). This call is the last thing that happens in the series of events leading up to a Drupal page being served. That places this template in the special position of defining the overall layout of the pages for your site. This is where you lay down the big picture. It also has the special distinction of being the only file that a PHPTemplate theme is required to provide. It is easily the most important and most complex of all the standard tpl.php files, as can be seen by the number of variables and the amount of code it contains. Table 5-8 lists the variables available in page.tpl.php. Table 5-8. Variables Available in page.tpl.php
Can respond to a variety of status events or user actions Determine browser height in pixels for layout purposes Determine browser width in pixels for layout purposes Find position in the history state stack Provide JavaScript with a cookie Open an HTTP connection to retrieve the requested resource Start a new thread
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If you are still working with 8i, the formulae supplied by MetaLink for join selectivity and join cardinality are correct, although the note could be enhanced to point out that The selectivity formula simply has to be repeated across all columns of an N-column join. A single join predicate involving an unbounded range-based test uses a fixed 5% selectivity. A single join predicate involving a bounded (between) range-based test uses a fixed 0.25% selectivity. The join selectivity formula in a multitable join always uses the base table selectivity from the table that is explicitly named in the predicate (which is not necessarily the selectivity that was used in calculating the previous intermediate result). This means that you can make a legal textual change to rearrange the joins between tables, and find that the computed cardinality has changed. When you move from 8i to 9i, the basic formulae supplied by MetaLink still work in many cases, but there is an alternative strategy for handling nulls, which caters to them in the join
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By default, Safari is set to block pop-up windows. But sometimes you may need to access features of sites that cause pop-ups, such as the address book feature of Hotmail. You can find the option to enable and disable pop-ups by clicking on Safari in the top menu and selecting Block Pop-Up Windows. Select it again to turn it off. (See Figure 7 1)
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