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The BizTalk map translates the Database Lookup functoid information into a dynamic SQL SELECT statement. If you run a SQL Profiler trace during testing of the BizTalk map, you will see the SELECT call with the dynamic SQL. Knowing that dynamic SQL is created by the Database Lookup functoid allows you to use it to perform some relatively powerful database lookups. The Database Lookup functoid allows only a single value and single column name to be referenced in the query. However, with a bit of extra mapping, you can use this functoid to query against multiple columns. The map in Figure 3 32 generates the following SQL query code: exec sp_executesql N'SELECT * FROM people WHERE ID= @P1', N'@P1 nvarchar(9)', N'172321176' This query performs a SELECT to retrieve all rows from the People table where the author ID is equal to the value in the inbound XML document (for example, 172321176). Keep in mind that the Database Lookup functoid returns only the first row that it encounters in the recordset. If multiple authors had the same ID, you would potentially retrieve the incorrect author. For example, if the author ID is the last name of the author, you may retrieve multiple authors that share the same last name. One way to ensure uniqueness, aside from querying on a unique column, is to specify additional columns in the query. The Database Lookup functoid accepts only four parameters, so additional concatenation must occur before submitting the parameters to the Database Lookup functoid. After configuring the inbound concatenated value, the next step is to specify multiple column names as the input parameter in the Database Lookup functoid. Figure 3 34 demonstrates a sample Database Lookup functoid configuration with multiple columns specified. The output from the Database Lookup functoid to the Value Extractor functoid does not change.
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When Brasero s main window appears, it will by start with a new Data project, by default. To create an audio CD, click the Audio Project button (or click Project New Project New Audio Project). The program is very simple to use:
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Figure 9-6. Choose Your Data Connection window
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The Switch activity works like a switch statement in C#. It allows you to execute a sequence of activities based on the expression being evaluated. You will use the Switch activity to evaluate the ShippingMethod to determine the appropriate handling charge. In the Toolbox, the Switch activity is listed as Switch<T>.
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Novell s GroupWise has a client for Mac OS X, which can be obtained from While Novell does continue to make the GroupWise client for Mac, at the time of this writing, official support is limited to OS X v.10.4. Based on our testing, it will need an update to be a viable solution in a 10.6 environment. TIP: Lotus Notes also has a client for Mac OS X. It can be obtained from Both Lotus Notes and GroupWise are considered edge cases. However, they both continue to support the Mac OS X platform. This isn t to say that their clients will support each new operating system and that patches will not occasionally cause the software to stop working. But that s why you should always run patches in a lab first and perform the necessary regression testing.
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Reading Contact Data
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Distributed Transactions in SQL Server 2005
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In this chapter, I have given you a tour of Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow, building a small part of the example application with them (see the source code available from the Source Code/Download area of the Apress website,, for plenty more examples). In the next chapter, you will look at the Spring Security framework (also known as Acegi Security) and see how this uses filters to achieve URL-based security, and how it allows you to enforce authorization and authentication concerns throughout your web application.
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Listing 4-1. SqlServerProvider: Module1.vb
In order to create a WCF service, you must first define a WCF service contract. The following steps will guide you through how to do this. If everything was successfully done, you should see a Solution Explorer in Visual Studio that resembles Figure 3 25.
namespace BookInventory { /*****************************************************/ // Define the service contract, IBookInventory
opening a GNOME Terminal Window: click Applications Accessories Terminal.
The SoapTypeAttribute class is the most important of all the attributes explained in this section. It can be applied to classes and structures only, and specifies general attributes of the type like the XML root element name and, of course, the namespace that should be used for serialization. Usage example: [Serializable()] [SoapTypeAttribute(XmlNamespace="MyXmlNamespace")] public class TestSimpleObject { public int member1; [SoapFieldAttribute(XmlElementName="MyXmlElement")] public string member2; // a field that is not serialized [NonSerialized()] public string member3; } More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingmetadatasoaptypeattributeclasstopic.asp
Debug.WriteLine() so that you can view activity in the output window from Visual Studio when
Figure 8-20. Multiple navigation frames
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