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Entering Registration Information
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Figure 12-14. Initial Silverlight application without styles 4. First, you need to build your Silverlight styles. Select the first TextBox in the Objects and Timeline panel and select Object Edit Style Create Empty from the main menu. This will bring up the Create Style Resource dialog box. Enter TextBoxStyle in the Name text box, and stick with the default Define in option, which is to define the style in the current document. Your dialog box should look like Figure 12-15. Click OK.
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INFORMATION_SCHEMA view of the same name. It limits the tables you can see to the ones you can access. Microsoft recommends you use the new catalog views to get database metadata in SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server itself uses them internally. The catalog view for this query would be sys.tables, and the column name would be name. We ve used the INFORMATION SCHEMA view here because you may still see it often.
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Computers can connect in various ways in order to talk to one another. The way in which computers communicate is known as a protocol. When configuring global settings for a file-sharing environment, you must consider that computers connecting to each other will more than likely use different protocols to do communicate. For example, one protocol, Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), will typically be used when connecting two Macs, and an entirely different protocol, Samba (SMB), will be used to connect a Windows-based machine to a Mac. However, one fact remains constant among these protocols: permissions must be set when accessing resources from one computer to another.
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CHAPTER 3: EA Framework Design Patterns
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namespace RSWindowsService101 { [RunInstaller(true)] public partial class ProjectInstaller : Installer { public ProjectInstaller() { InitializeComponent(); } } }
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Pointer Textbox Line Table Matrix Rectangle List Image Subreport Chart
Both machines in the preceding diagram are in the same domain, SAMPLE. The client first starts the communication by sending a negotiate message to the server that contains just the username. The server responds with a challenge that consists of a NONCE a random 64-bit value which is guaranteed to be unique for this particular communication session. When the client receives the challenge, it encrypts NONCE with the client user s master key (hashed password of the user), bundles it together with the principal name as well as the authority, and sends it back to the server. Now the server can verify the client s credentials by sending the whole response as well as the original NONCE to the domain controller (remember, the server has generated the NONCE for the challenge, therefore it still knows it). The authority retrieves the hashed password from the security account manager database to again encrypt the clear text NONCE. If the result equals the encrypted NONCE sent in the client s response, authentication is successful and the server can create a network logon session for the client user on the server.
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Security and Single Sign-On
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