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Project Overview
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To ensure that the connection is closed correctly, we use the following:
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In the winter of 2007, Apple released the AirPort Utility, which shipped concurrently with the AirPort Extreme (N). The AirPort Utility, an upgraded version of the AirPort Admin Utility, has built-in controls for disk sharing and a more user-friendly, wizard-like approach to configuring AirPorts of all types, including older AirPorts. The new AirPorts greatly increased the ease of configuration from the older AirPorts. Not only were printer and disk sharing introduced, but the ability to run dual 2.4 and 5GHz networks on the same device became possible.
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Snow Leopard also comes with the ability to manage that Lights-Out Management (LOM) port via the previously discussed networksetup command. To see the LOM settings, you would use networksetup along with the -showBMCSettings option. To set up LOM, use the -setupBMC option, along with the port on which to use it, followed by whether it will be static or DHCP (yes, I said DHCP, but I don't think I'd do that: this is a management interface and should be persistent), the IP, subnet mask, gateway, and finally the admin user name and password (keep in mind those passwords need 8 characters). So let's say that I wanted to configure my LOM interface to use Ethernet 1, using with a subnet mask of and a gateway of, with a LOM username of admin and a password of mysecretpassword1. I would then use the following command:
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Portlets may set preferences during an action request. There are two methods for setting preferences, one for String object values and the other for String array values. Both will throw a ReadOnlyException if the preference is marked read-only in the deployment descriptor. These methods also must have a name for the preference that is not null, or they will throw an IllegalArgumentException. They may also throw that exception if the length of the name or the value is longer than the portal container allows.
CHAPTER 4: Storage
namespace EmployeeLibrary { [ServiceContract] public interface IEmployeeService { [OperationContract] DataSet GetEmployees(); [OperationContract] Employee GetEmployee(int id); } } The IEmployeeService interface acts as a WCF contract. A contract of a WCF service is defined by an interface, which you define in the normal fashion. The IEmployeeService interface defines two methods: GetEmployees() and GetEmployee(). The former method when implemented will return a DataSet filled with a list of all the employees from the Employees table of the Northwind database. The latter method when implemented will return an Employee object containing details of a specified employee. The Employee class is defined later in this section. Notice two things about the IEmployeeService interface: The interface must be decorated with the [ServiceContract] attribute. This attribute indicates that the interface decorated by it is a WCF service contract. Each method signature in the interface must be marked with the [OperationContract] attribute, which indicates that the method decorated by it will be exposed as a part of the service. Methods are referred to as operations in WCF terms. After you define a contract, you need to implement it. You do this by creating a class that implements the contract interface. You need not do anything special with the service type apart from implementing the service contract. In our example, the next step is to create the Employee class. This class will be used to carry details of an employee from the service to the client. Add a reference to the System.Runtime.Serialization assembly. Import the System. ServiceModel and System.Runtime.Serialization namespaces at the top of the Employee class. Listing 12-2 shows the complete code that makes up the Employee class. Listing 12-2. The Employee Class using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text;
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