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Managing Windows
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An example that uses JavaCC to parse HTML into Lucene Document objects is provided in the Lucene web application demo that comes with the Lucene distribution. The CyberNeko HTML Parser ( html/) lets you parse HTML documents and remove most of the tags from an HTML document (or all if you want), and then use the ones you left in to help create metadata for your Lucene document. NekoHTML also provides a DOM model for navigating through the HTML. JTidy ( projects/jtidy/) cleans up HTML, and can provide a DOM interface to the HTML files through a Java API. PDFBox ( is a Java API from Ben Litchfield that will let you access the contents of a PDF document. It comes with integration classes for Lucene to translate a PDF into a Lucene document. XPDF ( is an open source tool that is licensed under the GPL. It is not a Java tool, but there is a utility called pdftotext that can translate PDF files into text files on most platforms from the command line.
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Then, all you have to do is implement the callback function to inform the page (or user) of the results of the service call. This is where the number returned from the service is displayed in an alert dialog:
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Before you install phpBB, make sure that your host has the necessary software in place to run the install script. Luckily for you, phpBB s requirements are very modest, and any host worth paying for will run phpBB like a champ. Whether you re shopping for a hosting service for your phpBB or configuring your own dedicated server to run phpBB, it s smart to check a few details to help ensure a smooth installation.
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bypass any restrictions that would otherwise be applied. As such, if any allowed application is unsigned, it represents the ability for the user to launch any application, provided they have the skills to do so. When an allowed application is not signed, it will appear with a yellow triangle next to its entry, as seen for Firefox in Figure 7-15.
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Comparing RS and CR Side by Side
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The example demonstrated creating a complex type data type based on an existing schema record within the schema. By XSD definition, a complex type is an element (record) that has child elements or attributes. Complex types can be used to implement custom schema rules and XSD data structure considerations for records, elements, and attributes. For example, you might use complex data types for validation rules via XSD regular expressions, schema cardinality, and order. In addition, you can make data type references to your complex types, allowing you to reuse record structures and XSD implementations. A complex type is derived from the base data type anyType; that is, in the purest form, a complex type is in essence a stand-alone base type, in which you can define your own XSD structure representation and schema rules.
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Solid Solid Normal, Arial, 10pt, Bold Product ID Product Name Unit Quantity Right Unit Cost Right Unit Total Right N =Fields!ProductID.Value =Fields!ProductName.Value =Fields!UnitQuantity.Value N0 (zero, 0, for no decimal) =Fields!UnitCost.Value N =Fields!UnitQuantity.Value * Fields!UnitCost.Value N Italic, Arial, 10pt, Normal Transfer Cost: Right =SUM(Fields!UnitQuantity.Value * Fields!UnitCost.Value)
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Disk I/O
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]]> </fx:Script> </s:WindowedApplication>
VMware Fusion in Monolithic Imaging
Custom pipeline properties that are displayed at runtime when using the custom assembly in a pipeline. Defines the method used by all pipeline components. Assembler/disassembler custom components implement their own interface.
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