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we do when we dump it once, and multiply by the number of passes it takes to get to the final merge. This figure is the one that we most need to understand, and one subject to a lot of change with versions and features. The sort_multiblock_read_count will affect it in 8i, but not in 9i, where the parameter value seems to be ignored. Total IO sort cost: Presumably this is supposed to combine the cost per pass with the number of passes but before the introduction of CPU costing, this always seemed to be smaller than the cost per pass on a onepass merge. A typical result would be (Blocks to Sort + IO cost per pass * Merge passes) / 2 as it is in this example (and the fixed value of 2 in this formula is not there as a consequence of the deprecated parameter _sort_multiblock_read_count). When CPU costing is enabled, the cost usually seems to be (Blocks to Sort + IO cost per pass * Merge passes) although there are special boundary conditions where the division by 2 reappears. Total CPU sort cost: The CPU component of the cost, measured in CPU operations which will be converted to a (relatively) small I/O equivalent cost later on in the trace file. Total Temp space used: In principle, the amount of temporary space we need for our sort operation. We actually used 1,565 blocks (12.5MB) rather than the 32MB reported here. Bear in mind, though, that the optimizer has estimated 2,311 blocks (18MB) to be sorted, which reduces the error somewhat. The trace extract shown previously comes from 9i emulating the model of 8i, but if we switch to the strategic 9i configuration (CPU costing enabled, and workarea_size_policy set to auto), we see a number of significant changes to the trace file. In the following extract, I have a pga_aggregate_target of 200MB, which results in the _smm_min_size being 204KB and the _smm_max_size being 10MB. (0.1% and 5% respectively of the target). I have also set the system statistics (using the dbms_stats.set_system_stats() procedure) in a way that causes the calculation of tablescan costs to mimic the arithmetic used for tablescans when CPU costing is disabled and the db_file_multiblock_read_count is set to 8 (see script sort_demo_01b.sql in the online code suite). SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH TABLE: T1 ORIG CDN: 1048576 ROUNDED CDN: 1048576 Access path: tsc Resc: 283 Resp: 283 BEST_CST: 283.00 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 CMPTD CDN: 1048576
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grep is very powerful. It can be complicated to master, but it offers a lot of scope for performing extremely precise searches that ensure you find only what you re seeking. It s well worth reading through its man pages. You can also refer to books on the subject, of which there are many. A good example is Regular Expression Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, by Nathan A. Good (1-59059-441-X; Apress, 2004).
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Just to the right of the post title is a Discussion section, with a couple of check boxes. These allow you to override the options controlling comments and pings for this individual post. The Allow Comments and Allow Pings check boxes normally reflect the blog s Discussion Options settings (discussed in 14) for the Allow people to post comments on the article and Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks), respectively. Checking or clearing one of these boxes overrides that setting for this post only; it does not affect the default setting for new posts. So, if there is a check in the box for Allow Comments, comments will be enabled for this post. Similarly, a check next to Allow Pings will allow Pingbacks and TrackBacks to be accepted by this post.
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of time and will also allow you to configure your notebook to enter sleep (standby) mode. In addition, if you use a notebook computer, Ubuntu might let you configure additional aspects of your computer, such as the display brightness. These functions are controlled using the Power Management applet. To start this, click System Preferences Power Management. If Ubuntu is installed on a notebook computer, you ll see three tabs in the program window: On AC Power, On Battery Power, and General. If Ubuntu is installed on a desktop computer, you ll see just the On AC Power and General tabs.
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web server but can also be used with Apache and others via the Mono implementation of ASP.NET and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).
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Creating a Table with SSMSE
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Default Value
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Handling text is similar to handling images except for the data type used for the database column.
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Figure 20-1. Any edits to the image are made live, so it s a good idea to move the adjustment dialog box out of the way.
Viewing Text Files
If you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Save button and then restart the Mail service. Once you have created additional mail partitions, you assign individual users to each in Workgroup Manager, under the user s mail tab.
Windows setting will cause pop-ups to be blocked, and the Java and JavaScript check boxes will disable Java and JavaScript on the sites being visited to safeguard from malicious scripts. One unique feature here is the ability to disable Firefox s ability to load images. You can uncheck the Load images automatically box to disable images from loading, which will significantly speed up your browsing experience and protect you from sites that include web bugs, which are invisible images that are used to track your visit to the site. On the other side of that coin, it can significantly damper the experience with web sites that integrate functionality into their images. As with most other features in Firefox, this can be applied to only certain sites using the Exceptions box.
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